Chippers Open Class Golden Pinto

As you can see in the first pic I got the frame back from sand-blaster last week , my wife wasn't very happy with the location I chose for climate control until I could do final prepping for primer ?
Had a little bondo work to do on the forks ,
, then I was ready for primer , I took somebodies advise on here and used Dupli-color self etching primer , really good stuff and covered nicely ,
, I'll do a light sanding then going with the filler primer next , Oh , Kenny sent me a pic of my seats too , they are Awesome and should be here by end of the week , I'll try to post them !:smile:
Here are the seats , orange for The Build-Off Pinto and purple for the Duck !
, looks like Kenny has a similar approach to climate control !:laugh:
Well I had a good weekend in the shop as Mother Nature was kind ! I got my new extended 1" foot pegs , front fender mount and chain tension/guide welded on !
, then after bondo work ( and a lot of grinding ) I finished up with another dose of self etching primer .
Then about 3 light coats of filler-primer , ready for a light sanding then some Dodge Challenger Orange paint going on this weekend ! The chain guide/tensioner is to serve two purposes , one is to keep the chain off the frame as I moved motor mounting over to get the rear wheel centered and two , when needed one bolt and I can tighten the chain ! I did get my header and air filter installed on the Predator but I'm undecided what color to paint it ?? Orange to match the frame or black to match the engine :confused:
Alright , had a great weekend , got frame and parts painted . The Automotive Touch-Up ( that's the brand name ) Paint I bought was awesome , I'm not an experienced painter or body man by any means , this stuff applied great , covered well and appears to me to provide excellent professional quality paint job , I used 2 cans for about 4-5 coats and then applied 3-4 clear coats !
Seat mounts ,
, had to doll up the engine a bit too ,
, then Sunday evening while waiting out a 6 hour rain delay I started a little assembly ! I'll get the rest of it together in the next couple days as time allows !
Thanks Tom , I'm getting pretty Jacked up to get it done ! I'm fixin to post pics of the Duck frame on the other thread , The Plum Crazy Pearl paint is Crazy !!
I just got the Foremost Golden Pinto Decals today , they look great , they are weather proof but are not a high gloss , but look really good all the same . I'm going to put them on my build-off , fork plate and clutch guard !