Chippers Open Class Golden Pinto

The reincarnation of the Golden Pinto is complete ! It's awesome , runs and rides perfect . The engine runs great with the re-jet to .038 . I'll get a video as soon as my wife can help me !
Thanks guys , I learned a lot from y'all and this site , really cool is all I can say . I'll be working on getting my Duck assembled now , its all ready to put together !
My wife took this last night , she emailed to my work computer . Well I don't know why it is cut short ? I'll get another one of it actually running down the road !
Havasu Dave , thanks , you are clearly much smarter than me . I still can't figure it out .
LOL, I'm not smart, just used the link you had. I guess when you post a video directly to the OldMiniBikes server, only a link will direct us to it. Can't seem to imbed an MOV video. ??? :shrug:
Well my post doesn't even show the link ? I posted it ( uploaded ) same as we do for pics but as a video , when I go back to view my pics I can't open it either ? I'll figure it out at some point and I'll get a video of driving it too , it really turned out sweet . Everybody that has seen it is blown away at how cool it looks , of course they are not mini-bike guru's , Lol , but I'm proud of it . Thanks again Dave :thumbsup:
I know we started w/ a pile of parts but I thought I'd share the pic of what my Bird looked like the day I bought it for $120 , I didn't even know what it was and thru my research is how I came to OldMiniBikes and all of you !
I'm just trying to figure out who to blame for causing my O.M.B.C.D. , otherwise known as Obsessive Mini Bike Cranial Disorder !:laugh:
Thanks Andre , I'm loving it , incredible rider , I would have never guessed it would ride as great as it does , not sure if my neighbors like it as much as I do , lol !


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That turned out great!!
They are so fun to ride and the neighbors may end uo being customers then friends.
That belongs in the befor and after picture thread.