Doodle Bug Sprocket Adapters For Sale


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New place to purchase these has these for sale now.

Ok guys,

Final product will be glass beaded to give it a more uniform look (unless everybody likes the unfinished look). This adapter keeps stock alignment of chain, so no shimming to make it work, also you use your stock bolts on the hub (I suggest you buy new ones cause there cheap and the stock one tend to round out the allen). Either take a few links out or put them in for gear changes or move your engine for proper chain tension (1/4"-1/2").

Ok a few things to think about before wanting a 80 tooth gear. You will have less the 3/8" clearance if you go with a 80 tooth. 65 or 70 is stock btw. Use this to see speed and RPM's go-kart racing Gear Ratio Calculator. I tried 3 different sprockets today 57 (1/4 mile not to full speed) 66 (felt good for my motor) and a 80 (chain grinder on corners and a wheelie machine). Also have 68 (as seen in pics) but alot like stock

These work on old (2003ish) and new style Doodle Bug(2007-current) rims with 6 bolts on the hub

Cool thing about this set up is you can buy gears at almost any kart shop. This adapter is a industry standard 4 9/16" center registry. Horstman Sells gears and so do a few others, here is a link to online at $18 Sprockets at Comet Kart (make sure to click #35 if your staying stock). You can use split (don't have to take the rim off) and solid gears (have to take the rim off).

Also if you feel the need you don't have to keep you DB a #35 chain. If you purchase a clutch for chain size #219 or #40/41 so you can use the 219 or 40/41 sprockets with this adapter.

Ok enough with the talk some pics....

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Man that's cool... MY wife is going to kill me, because I keep buying more parts to hop up my..... I mean my "daughters" minibike... :crying:
If you are looking over these adapters but really not sure here's a few things to consider: No one makes an exact bolt on sprocket. The best might be the 1-1/2" but it's oversized and will require precise centering. Other options to hand drill smaller bored sprockets to size have been posted before. But unless you have high end tools or drill specific equipment, boring the sprocket can be labor intensive. If there were one other part included as a baja doodlebug kit besides an engine plate, this should be it. :scooter:
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6 Sold and 2 when I get them.. If I get all 10 pre-sold I will order a total of 20 first round. Anybody have any questions? Just PM me dont be shy. haha
8 sold and 2 when I get them. Paid for gets there's first so I have 2 left on the original 10 order that are still up for grabs. PM for Paypal or address if you want to get one of the first 10.
Ok guys. Its the 25th 8 sold and 2 left. If anybody still wants one of the first batch please PM me. Looks like they will be here on the March 3rd I should be able to get them out on the same day. Most will receive them Sat March 6th.
Order made!!!!

I want to Thank everybody that Purchased an Adapter so far. I have made the payment for them.. 20 Sprocket Adapters Will be shipped out on Monday and hopefully be here Wednesday or Thursday. For those of you that bought Sprockets I will have all of those here on Wednesday (a couple had to be ordered). So if all goes right all of you should have them by Saturday the 6th (I will be shipping same day I receive the adapters). You will also receive a Tracking number in PM or in your email if paid by PayPal.

Any question please PM me. If you have not purchased one yet and want one I have 10 available at this time.




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Sprocket adapters are in!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys the adapters are in!!! Yah. This is what you will be getting.

I will be printing the shipping tags tonight and dropping them off at the mail box. Long story today they showed up next door and well it took till about 9:30pm for me to get a call from the post office telling me that the neighbors had them.

Semi bad new for the guys that also ordered Sprockets. They will not be here until Monday :doah: Apparently something to do with east coast weather and FedEx. So my FedEx here runs at 2-4pm on Monday. So adapters and sprockets will go out Monday.


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UPS just showed with the sprockets so all of the rest will be going out tonight. Check your PayPal for shipping confirmation if they do not send a email.