have you ever google imaged your user name?

    just for fun I entered my user name kb2rocket into Google and clicked images and it pretty much showed what I'm all about . I did the same thing with a different user name kempocat ... its amazing try it with your user name :) have fun
  2. manchester1

    Google search and OldMiniBikes

    I've notice that the Google search doesn't seem to pick-up anything from the OldMiniBikes forum any more. I'm not referring to the "Google custom search" on the top of the page. A few years back, if you posted a photo of a mini bike and used all the headings in the photo section, the photo would show...
  3. Briggster

    Ever heard of a Norseman Rocco "golden trophy" kart??

    I bought this kart at a personal property auction this weekend. Just looking for info on it. A quick google search didn't yield much. Thanks Briggster
  4. ZR9B

    HS 40 timing set point

    After a quick google I see .35 before TDC and .65 before TDC this is from a 1972 Rupp HS 40. both numbers are posted on this site in one place or another. thanks for the help
  5. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Karts

    Does anyone have a decent link of pics for karts made by Stellar. I saw one the other day and man does it look like the one I'm trying to identify. The only major difference is the seat is metal and mine is wood. But the problem is when you google Stellar Kart there is a band with that...
  6. D

    Bonanza? or something else?

    I just got this frame from my cousin. The only thing i can use to identify it is a number etched into the handlebars, on the plate where it attaches to the frame. The number is B3868-39. Couldn't find anything on Google. It looks most like a Bonanza, but so many manufacturers at the time made...
  7. Newoldstock

    Google X plane

    How about this?
  8. trailhopper

    Google Books browse minibike articles

    Came across this while looking for minibike info. Pretty sweet browsing old magazines with minibike articles and advertising. Life, Popular Mechanics, Boys Life :thumbsup: minibike - Google Search Family Guide to Minibikes Feb. 1970 Popular Mechanics - Google Books
  9. gumpit

    Google Goggles for minibikes?

    Has anyone tried Google Goggles? I was at a flea market today. Actually 3 flea markets today. I was on a quest to see what was out there for mini bikes. Anyway after 150 miles of driving today before 11 am I had hit flea market #3. The only one that had a minibike. It was small and complete and...
  10. Strigoi

    Google Music Beta invites

    i'm out of invites i've currently got two Google Music Beta invites if anyone wants one. if you want one, PM me your email address and post in here that you claimed one. i've been using it for a little while now and love it. easy access to all/some of your music on most phones or any...
  11. gbones

    google earth

    does any1 know where i can find google earth. last year i was on google earth, and it was the 1 with the street view, like you where actually walking on the street. well now i cant find it:shrug: so does any of you mini bikers know of this site i speak of?
  12. TT

    Mini bike service . Com

    This will direct us straight to google for new customer's to view the site. Thank you very much! curtis scott 818-521-2109
  13. H

    Google Image update

    Anyone else used the new features on google image search? Google Image Search After you search for something, when you see all of the images - above that - on the blue horizontal bar, it gives you some neat options, i especially liked the color selection. :thumbsup: