Need Help with Predator Gov / Carb linkage - stuck open


I need help with my predator. I was trying to move the gov linkage just a little to bump max RPM up just a little. Well in doing so, the linkage came off the gov arm. The gov doesn't appear to have any spring tension on it and neither does the carb throttle. However, when I connect the gov arm back to the post sticking up from the block, the carb wants to be positioned with the throttle open. For the life of me, I don't see how to put this thing back together so that the default position of the throttle is closed unless I add another spring to the carb and pull the throttle closed.

Any suggestions on how to assemble it so the carb stays closed unless I intentionally open it via the throttle?


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The way to set the governor is first, loosen the governor arm where it pinches the shaft that goes in to the engine (it has one flat edge like a half moon), hold the governor arm in the full throttle position, turn the governor shaft the SAME DIRECTION until it stops, tighten pinch bolt and you're done. It's critical that you don't let the arm or the shaft move while you're tightening. That is the correct setting for that, there's no adjustment.
The "default" position of the carb throttle when the engine is shut off is about 3/4 open. As soon as the engine starts the governor arm linkage will push the throttle back to the closed (idle) position.
Thanks for the info guys - I took the linkage off and reset it based on the info Motra provided. Creia - thanks for the info on the default throttle position, I didn't sweat it that it was about 3/4 of the way open and when I started the engine the idle dropped to a normal speed.

My baja is back up and running - thanks guys!