"OldMiniBikes Build-Off 2016 Vintage Class"

Anyone who is doing business with Bob Fragoman knows how long it takes. He recently had some things happen in his life that made him decide to stop and smell the roses so he takes his time getting back to you with answers and shipping parts. I wait weeks sometimes for a response to a question. It is frustrating but what can you do? Just wait it out and hope it all works out before the Build-Off deadline.
As long as you have the patience. I sent him a list on February 10 and I am still waiting for a response. It took over a month to get some engine gaskets. His brother passed away in November and since then he just gets to it when he gets to it. He sent me a letter that said just that.
Got some parts in and almost got the engine ready. Have to hone the head and paint and then I should have it ready to start. Just ordered the second list of parts and then I will get started on the frame. I sent my chrome off to a place and they wanted my first born so I am getting them back and trying the place in Cleveland that everyone recommended. Stay tuned.
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Update: Just about got the engine ready to go. Waiting on a few little things. I also sent my money order out for the next load of parts so when that comes in I will be able to start on the frame. I have been spending most of my budget on the student builds so I had to order my stuff last. I want to make sure they finish their bikes on time. Thanks for all the replies to their threads, they are really getting a kick out of reading them.:thumbsup:

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Plenty of time left, your bike is a lot of work. It's going to be good when you're done. Let me know how the chromer went. They did fabulous for me. They certainly have my future business.

The chromer is really behind. She asked me if I knew what was going on and I told her about the build off. She is getting a ton of business for mini bikes. I haven't gotten anything back yet, I am hoping soon. I have parts for me as well as the bikes for my students build off projects. Keeping on top of three bikes when two of them are being done by 8th graders is a lot of fun. :freakout:. It has gone so well that it looks like I will be taking on another class next year and if they want participate in the build off I will need four bikes. I am going to try to look for a deal at Windber.
Well my friend, if they do half the job that they did on my VT-3 you are gonna LOVE these people. Well worth the wait. Kim is just awesome too. She knows that business inside and out and she is willing to work with you to make it great.

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Got my frame sandblasted this past weekend. I have one more order of parts to get and then I can paint and get her back together. I think I will have everything when that last order comes in accept the chrome. I will never get back what I have spent on this bike so I guess she will be a keeper. I am going to cut it close but I should make it by the May 31 cutoff. At this point the reward for me would be to ride her at Windber. :thumbsup:
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