R.I.P Wayne P Keller

With a heavy heart I need to let you all know that on Sunday 12-14 my father, Wayne, passed away.

I have a lot I'd like to say but I'm sitting here pretty much at a loss for words. If and when I can put them to paper I'll update this post. I'll also update it with his obit and online memorial as soon as I have that available.

We lost my Mom in October and now this. I really think he died of a broken heart.

This sucks.


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Oh man. So sad to hear.
I know you will miss him as well as this Minibike Community.
Sorry for you loses. Prayers for you and you family.
I can't imagine the hurt You must be feeling Randy! My condolences to you and your family. I never got to meet Wayne but heard lots of cool,things from other friends. I know I've read a lot of his and your posts. So sorry to hear this.
OMG. I am shocked and so sorry for your loss. I had just messaged with him not that long ago. I know he was heart broken about your mother. Let me know If I can do anything to help and please take care of yourself and family.
Really sorry Randy...each year I showed up at Windber I was hoping he would show up so I could meet him. Peekster told me a lot of funny stories about him and told me what a great guy he was to hang around with.

I always had a good time speaking with him on the forum and I'm glad I was able to send you home with a cool Freak Bike for his birthday...he loved that bike.

Wayne was an OldMiniBikes legend, he will be missed by all.
Sorry to hear this sad news, but maybe knowing your Mom and Dad are together again could give you a little comfort . God Bless you and your Family.
Randy, my sincere condolences. It was by sheer luck that my dad and I stopped by a little roadside lot when we saw some Minibikes leaving Spring Carlisle this year. We were fortunate enough to meet Wayne and chat with him for awhile. I'm sure he's forgotten more than I'll ever know and it was my pleasure listening to some of the stories he told. R.I.P Wayne...

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Randy this is so sad to hear and rest assured he is one person that everyone will say that he gave his all to the OldMiniBikes family. Bless your household and may you find some comfort here as we all care.
So very very sorry Randy.....I personally always looked forward to virtually every single post he made, always mesmerized buy his knowledge. His kind nature showed through like no other on here. Always made me smile.

My heart truly sank when I seen this thread. :(