The OMB All-Terrain, Trail Bike, Pack Mule, Tote Gote & Utility Bike Thread

I posted here in June about a 1960's Sportsman 700 scooter that I found on my cousin's farm. It had been there for 40 years and not driven since the early 70's. It has been a really fun ride since June. I had the pleasure of meeting in person the creator and designer of all Sportsman's bikes as he lives in Colorado. He showed me a couple of the bikes he still had in his collection and took a look at my bike. He told me that it was in good enough shape to restore. Not long after our visit I met a great guy who loved to restore and work on motorcycles and he told me he would love to work on the bike. I am so thankful that a site like is around to share all our stories etc. Today I am going to post all the pictures I have from the beginning of finding the bike to where we are now in the restoration process. We are very close. All that is left to do is paint the frame, install the new engine and assemble the bike. We were able to use many of the original parts and the goal is to restore it as close to ther original as possible. Hope you enjoy the pictures and please share your comments and suggestions to me. Feel free to browse the photo album with descriptions of each picture however if you can tell me how to share the album to everyone I will do it!

Brian in Denver, CO

From what it looks like in the assembly manual, the one on the rear should go on the front. My wife was mad as hell when I rolled it into the garage:thumbsup: I told her that it takes up less space than her shoes or purses do! If anyone wants a copy of the manual let me know. Thanks Richard for the info.