1. Muskin (Cat) Later Brochures

    Muskin (Cat) Later Brochures

    These brochures are probably from either 1973 or 1974. Models include from top left to top right: Slingshot (R3507 I think), Dominator (R4002), El Gato (R7001), Endura (Probably R4005, R4010, or R4015 hard to tell). Bottom left to bottom right: Rebel (later version of R4001 I think), Blazer...
  2. K

    Dynamark Fox thunderbolt 1973

    Looking for parts and information.
  3. FunWithStuff

    Aftermarket Clutch Cover/Guard

    I have a 1973 JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I am currently looking for an aftermarket clutch cover for. The cover should look something like the photo you see here. Any information would be helpful! Thanks!
  4. B

    WTB: H35 Teceumseh from 1973

    Looking for a complete and running 1973 H35 Tecumseh engine. Has to be off a mini bike. Thanks.
  5. K

    Pacesetter Trail Buck (1973?)

    Good Morning, My first post here on this website. I have a 1973 Pacesetter Trail Buck that I've torn down and have started the rebuild. It has the original Tecumseh H70 7hp motor and a Comet Industries asymmetrical torque converter that I can't find too much info about. Anyhow, here...
  6. bikebudy

    1973 HS40 Tecumseh with Light coil

    Said, I would never sell this, So get me before I change my mind :laugh: 1973 HS40 with charge coil, Runs and lights perfectly, Bushing crank 450.00 US Plus the Ride / shipping You have no Idea how hard this was to post, LOL
  7. gammatg

    gammatg's - 1973 FOX Thunderbolt - (Vintage Open)

    I wasn't sure if I was going to do the build off this year. Last year I ran out of time on my Trailhorse build. Hopefully that wont be the case this year. I just picked this bike up yesterday, and decided to enter the buildoff with it. It currently has a newer hs50 that runs off of a...
  8. gammatg

    wtb: 1973 Fox Thunderbolt tank decals

    Looking for a pair of Fox Thunderbolt tank decals for the Speedway style tank. Pictured is what I am looking for. Thanks!
  9. P

    Just finished; 1973 Speedway Moto-cross

    I just finished restoring this 1973 Speedway Moto-cross. This is the only 1973 Speedway Moto-cross I have ever seen.
  10. P

    1973 Speedway Enduro

    i am in the process of restoring a 1973 Speedway Moto-Cross with the original Fugi 100cc engine. Does anyone have any pictures of an original 1973 Speedway Moto-Cross or Enduro? I am looking for pictures of bikes with the engine. I have pictures from the brochures, I am looking for actual...
  11. J

    1973 sears roper

    Hello I'm looking for flywheel cover for original H60 motor.
  12. O

    1973 honda st90

    if this isnt allowed please remove! thanks so i have a honda st90 and after i ride it for about 20-30 mins it does this see attached video. carb says pz19 if that means anything or can get me more help, thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJy2SZf7j-k
  13. P

    1973 Speedway Spyder, just finished!

    I just finished my 1973 Speedway Spyder. This one of two know.
  14. gumpit

    1973 Fox Thunderbolt

    Picked up at Windber. Thought I started a thread but I can't find it. Waiting on my wheels back from family member practicing powder coating(we'll see how that works out...lol). Went with an extended Z50 swing arm because of pics I have seen of other peoples that were bent as well as my original...
  15. Jamie1972

    Survivor 1973 MTD Mud Bug Trike

    Just picked up this nice orig. 73 MTD Mud Bug over the weekend. With orig. 8hp Tecumseh that fires and runs great! Orig. Owners Manual is a nice bonus.! Missing only the torque converter belt (just came in from gokartgallaxy.com) Thanks Randy! :thumbsup: And the seat. Big thanks to...
  16. chipper

    1973 Chaparral T-95

    I have a near complete 1973 T-95 Chaparral , the 96cc Fugi 2 stroke is toast but all parts minus the carb and intake seem to be there , the connecting rod was cut in half to seperate cylinder from block as piston is frozen , great frame and body parts , fenders are great , tank has rust but can...
  17. P

    1973 Sppedway parts

    I am looking for original 1973 Speedway shocks and black plastic fenders that were used on a Enduro, Motocross or a Super Spyder. Any help or good picture of original ones would be greatly appreciated.
  18. 4

    1973 Honda Z50 for sale

    Have a 1973 Honda Z50 that runs and shifts good. Light do not work. $700
  19. Rupp 72

    1973 Rupp Roadster

    1973 Rupp Roadster 2 for sale. All original, turns over and pops with a shot of starting fluid. Never put gas in it. good chrome. Asking $450 OBO. Located in Waunakee WI.
  20. C

    Is my 1973 Rupp RoadsterII considered Vintage

    Hi, Just joined the forum and I am a newbie. Can't find anywhere on this site what manufacturing years are considered vintage. In vintage karting the year is defined, what is considered vintage in minibikes? Any help would be appreciated. Scott K