1. LilJimmy

    Anyone Selling Indian 400 or 500 Thxzzzz

    Looking to buy Indian 400 or 500 mini ...preferred complete.. Thxzzzz
  2. Cap'n kanuckles

    Late 60's lil indian 500

    This little Indian 500 runs and rides looks to have original paint has original disc brake original seat original motor,original clutch guard, only things I see on the bike that aren't right are the grips and the clutch has four inch wheels with original tires. Original Fenders are still on the...
  3. J

    1994 Honda ct 70 -270 original miles -$2,500

    Bike has been sold
  4. T

    Bonanza CR 400 410 500 scout info thread

    Could we make this the official Bonanza chopper CR information thread? There is a ton of knowledge and information but Its a bit scattered out. With all the interest in the Bonanza choppers I think if would be a good idea to consolidate the information. It would be really helpful to people...
  5. J

    68 Rupp TT 500 wiring

    I am looking for any information on TT500 wiring. A diagram, a picture, anything to help me do the wiring on my TT500.
  6. R

    XL 500 Chain guard

    I need a chain guard for a Rupp XL 500 # 12912, radams7425@aol.com , 757-930-3378, Rick
  7. Jamie1972

    @@Thunder Jet 500 slot car NEW@@

    Found this upstairs and have no desire for it ThunderJet 500 H.O Scale slot car 69 Nova SS 17.00+ 3.50 shipping. New (never used)

    lil indian 500

    RARE 1966 Lil Indian Model 500 All Original Minibike Mini Bike Ruttman Briggs | eBay
  9. topnotch

    Bonanza CR 500 Chopper

    I'm starting on a new project, but I need some help with colors for the project. Is there anyone here who knows the correct color and name of the orange paint that Bonanza used on the Cr500 Choppers ? (I'm not sure if it was Omaha orange, chevy hugger orange or something different, is there...

    Lil Indian Rare model 500 One of a Kind.

    Hello,I am a Administrator for Lil Indian. I have decided to sell my Rare,all original parts 1966 Lil Indian model 500.This bike is documented,all original parts,tires,wheels,seat etc.....The engine also has it's original paint and decals and has been gone through,completely...
  11. B

    jackshaft sprockets on Rupp Xl 500

    I know I've seen a thread discussing this? I did a search and can't find it. What are the stock sizes/ part nos for the jackshaft sprockets? Are both 12T sprockets or is the outboard a 13T ( #124 )? The Blackwidow parts diagram lists XL 500 #Item 123 - 12T sprocket /part number 12315 # Item...
  12. R

    Chain/Clutch Guard for a ^* Rupp XL 500

    Looking to buy a Chain / Clutch Guard for a 1968 Rupp XL 500. I believe the part # is 12912
  13. 1968 Rupp TT500

    1968 Rupp TT500

    1968 Rupp TT500
  14. 1968 Rupp TT500

    1968 Rupp TT500

    1968 Rupp TT500
  15. 1968 Rupp TT500

    1968 Rupp TT500

    1968 Rupp TT500
  16. 1968 Rupp TT500

    1968 Rupp TT500

    1968 Rupp TT500
  17. R

    wireing harness for a 68 Rupp xl 500

    Looking for a wiring harness for a Rupp 68 XL 500 or XL 350. radams7425@aol.com
  18. Biodude

    Looks like a Rupp TT500 for sale in Titusville FL. Anyone interested?

    Looks like a nice bike. I wish you could see more detail on CL photos tho. I am always partial to the TT500's myself. 1968 Rupp TT-500 As far as I can tell everything is there and in fair condition. Some pitting on chrome that will need to be reworked but for the most part the bike is...
  19. xr7gt

    Tote Gote 500

    Over this last winter I have found 3 mini gotes. I now have 4. My most recent find was last week. Model 500 serial number 923 It has the original 5hp Briggs dated 1969. Climb away clutch still in place. The front fender is there rear is missing. I bought a NOS rear one from Richard...
  20. buckeye

    Trail Horse 500 GTO

    Making room. Trail Horse 500 GTO. All original. Even the plastic chain guard, albeit cracked on the bottom. Very fixable. It has the h50 but I have never ran it. Needs points ect.. Good compression. This is a great survivor bike or good for resto. Not much to fuss about. Has a clone on...