animal carb on a briggs flathead

    I am lookng for a manifold that will mount a briggs animal carb to a briggs 5hp flathead hers what I got
  2. G-REX

    animal briggs changeover

    I just picked up a 5hp. briggs that is run alcohol.It runs awsome,but alcohol and changing oil all the time sucks.It is on a racing go cart.My question is,can I put the old small jet in it instead of alcohol jet in the carb,and then run good gas?Or is there more to it then that?Any help would be...
  3. M

    animal parts needed

    need crank for animal
  4. 125ccCrazy

    animal or wf parts??

    anyone with any performance or stock briggs WF parts??
  5. F

    Wtb briggs animal intake

    looking for a BRIGGS ANIMAL INTAKE
  6. H

    where to get animal parts?

    i only really know where to get clone parts, where can i get a rod, carb, carb adaptor, cam, and valve springs?
  7. R

    Briggs animal, World formula parts

    OK i got this motor but am looking for something less performance oriented. I got this engine as part of a trade but dont have the cash to buy the missing pieces. (carb and fuel pump) The engine is new. everything is still shiney! i will part the motor out or trade for other engines. thanks for...
  8. R

    briggs animal trouble.

    well i got most of a briggs animal for a taco 22. it is missing the carb and the intake that the carb hooks too. Can anyone help me locate these parts or tell me if i can run a regular head and carb........ which i have.......
  9. L


    could some1 break it down to me?i was wondering what are the pros and cons of these motors. i hear a few people talk about the blockzilla?the animal and the alcohol motors. could some1 give me a 101. or the pros and cons. from price power and durablity i plan on building a mini soon...
  10. G

    Torque converter options for animal

    Hi everyone. I'm building a mx mini pit bike from a rupp frame to play around with and will be either using the animal or the world formula engine and am curious which torque converter would be best for my application. I understand that the comet 30,340, & TAV2 are only rated at 8 hp and...
  11. H

    animal db?

    animal db? i have a Briggs ohv engine i don't know what model but its the same as animal just not tuned. im going to rebuild it with animal parts. i know with the gas tank on its too tall for the db but does any body know if it will fit? i dont want to go take my clone out just to see. i would...
  12. oldiron

    animal and torque converter

    I've noticed several pics of briggs animal engines with torque converters bolted on at angles other than level, Is there a clearance problem between the two that requires the torque converter to be installed other than level?