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  1. Speedway Scarab drive axle installed

    Speedway Scarab drive axle installed

    Speedway Scarab drive axle installed
  2. lostinbaja

    Herters Drive Belt?

    I'm in need of the part number for the drive belt for a Herters Mini Bike. I don't have a model name but here is a pic. I also need to know what model torque converter it originally came with.
  3. Sprocket86

    MTD/Columbia final drive ratio.

    In the process of rebuilding my MTD/Columbia dual suspension mini bike and I was wondering if anyone who has a factory unaltered model what would the tooth count be on the jackshaft drive sprocket? I have the factory rear 3 hole sprocket on the rear wheel. Thanks! I'll get some pics posted of...
  4. james ackerman

    1940s moto scoot drive clutch.

    Motor scoot scooter clutch $60 plus shipping.
  5. myjunk

    Drive / driven pulley question

    I'm not sure I'm in the right section, but I will ask the question anyway, please move it to the right section if need be. I am building a go kart out of left over pieces I have lying around. I am having a senior moment and want to be sure I have the pulleys going in the right direction before I...
  6. C

    best drive chain size?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to decide what pitch chain to use on my trail cat. I'm pretty sure it was #35 org,But it seams to me that #40 would me more suited to the weight of an adult rider and increased power output, Any thoughts? Steve.
  7. owend

    Got to drive something really cool.

    I went over to my friend John's house today to pick something up from him. When we got done with our project, he asked me if I wanted to drive his Dwarf car that he made road legal last month. It has a Ninja 900cc motor and this car hauls ass and stops on a dime!!!! It's a tight fit for anyone...
  8. V

    trike axle and drive question.

    Iv been doing some research on making a minibike trike. some say live axle sucks and some say to use a differential. is the live axle bad just because its hard to turn or does the axle bend or break. If i used a live axle and made it one wheel drive. wouldnt it turn easily. one wheel keyed...
  9. O

    2x2 drive

    TAURUS 2X2 MOTORCYCLE This thing looks great, light model is 103 lbs. heavy is 163 lbs. under $1000 can be taken apart foe easier handling not sure if it's street legal or not. Couple of movies online. Look for more at TAURUS 2X2 MOTORCYCLE
  10. C

    Speedometer Drive

    For a Rupp Roadster2.... Has to be calibrated for 12" wheels. Has to fit on the right front wheel.
  11. I

    Torque Converter Reverse Drive Clutch & Gear

    Built a drift trike but having issues with standard centrifugal clutches burning up. Decided to go with a TC but current frame design prohibits normal mounting. Is it possible to mount the driven gear on the outside of the jackshaft? If so, will the bearing be able to withstand the chain load...
  12. yankee-bears

    Scrap Drive Car Show Belvidere,Il. June 11

    This is a car show that is well attended by Mini Bike enthusiast . Vehicles have to be 1965 and older . If you have been to the Vintage Torquefest or Iron Invasion shows , it is the same type of theme . Not much riding but a great swap meet for selling stuff . Only $10.00 for a space . Belvidere...
  13. joebiodiesel

    Drive X Pack Mule

    I picked up a Drive X Pack Mule today at the minibike show in Eden, NC. Like others before me, I thought it was a Tote Gote, but I don't care that it isn't. The drive belt doesn't look close to correct. It should be much wider, no? Anyone know what size, or how I figure it out? Know where...
  14. adarter

    Drive ratio help me

    Running a harbor frieght 6.5 stock. I have a clutch with 10 teeth rear wheel is 14" outside. I have a 26 tooth sprocket came on rim . what will that run like? I have 3 more sprockets but all different mounting holes. They are 42, 54, 60 teeth. If I'm going to adapt one on, which is the first one...
  15. DSCF00303


    5 HP Brigg 7 Stratton, My conversion to a two speed transmission, Not many of these are around anymore
  16. MikeBear

    What It's Like To Drive The Worst Car In The World

    6 hp 3-wheeler.
  17. J

    WANTED: 40/41 TAV 5/8 drive sprocket!!

    I need a TAV sprocket for a go kart. must be 40/41 chain. Dont really care how many teeth just needs to be good useable shape. doesnt even have to be new. they are 12 on ebay. hoping someone has a spare they dont need they can let me get cheap. Let me know asap thanks!!!
  18. markus

    Tote Gote NOS climb away drive belt

    from my research on here its for a climb away assy. This is NOS out of an old dealers stock, actual Bohnam marked belt 4-7079 only one I have and no other TG parts so please dont ask. $38 shipped
  19. Frank Davis

    Davis, Ca Go Kart Swap Meet, 6-13

    I will be attending the Davis, Ca VKCA swap meet and play day this Sat and will have a few mini bike parts for sale along with karts and parts, others have stated they will too....might be worth the drive if you are in the Sacramento area......starts Friday, but swap meet is slated for...
  20. xr7gt

    what is this?

    Belt drive funky mini bike