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  1. Flea mini bike

    Flea mini bike

  2. hubie1320

    WTB Early 60's Bug Flea

    WTB - Early 60's Bug Flea project. Prefer just a roller or frame. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. Hounddog

    Bug Flea??

    Here is one that does not look right to me? You guys and girls tell me what you think....Just thought it should be shared for all of our enjoyment... vintage Bug Flea minibike project original 1st mini bike manufactured
  4. markus

    Nice Flea project with some neat Goodies!!!!

    Vintage Taco Mini Bike Minibike Original Condition as Purchased in 1975 | eBay Flip the tank around the way is should be, install a 2 stroke, sell off the taco guard and chrome clinton to help offset the cost :drool: Be interesting to see what numbers it pulls considering what some of them...
  5. C

    Flea maybe?

    I was told it was a flea? also how do I add a sprocket to this rear wheel? thanks
  6. boatguy

    Tom Thumb Frame or 90s Gas Powered Flea WANTED

    Anyone have a Tom Thumb frame or a 90s gas powered Flea they want to part with? Need for another project.
  7. Slick Rick

    Just seen this at the flea market

    Just seen this bike at the flea market. Not sure what it is, says Galaxie on the fork plate. . Thanks in advance
  8. Hounddog

    Bug Flea!

    Wow, So who got the nice Bug Flea in LA for $100? We do not see these very often. Great score! :thumbsup: HD
  9. jeep4me

    Flea market Cat

    Picked up this little Cat this morning at the flea market. Not sure which model though. Runs and rides good.
  10. manchester1

    Manco flea market find

    Needed a break from life today so I took a ride to the flea market. I wasn't there 5 minutes and found a mini bike:laugh: I know its a Manco but I don't know squat about them. Has a brand new predator engine. Runs pretty good.:laugh: Not that I needed another mini bike but for 200.00 I...
  11. Mac

    Bug Flea Gastank

    This fuel tank is chrome, pitted, dented, and rusty inside. No gas cap. $100.00 Delivered to the lower 48 states. PM me if interested.
  12. WrenchDad

    Great flea Market find.

    Well As many of you know I've been having some problems getting my Thunderbird build off bike running. While at the flea Market today I ran across a guy that had a Tec 3.5HP that he got to use on a go kart but never got around to it. So I figured maybe I could use this engine for parts or maybe...
  13. 1962 Super flea

    1962 Super flea

    Another angle of a great mini bike. Wife is happy that its out of the living room for photo shoot!! lol
  14. 1962 Super flea

    1962 Super flea

    I just sold this mini bike. Was my fav and hard to let it go :( My first build from ground up. Really fun and exciting to see it come together!!!
  15. Frank Davis

    Bug Flea chopper rat project

    This is an old project that was started 4 years ago, never finished....tecumseh ran when parked...sold strictly as a project, AS-IS, where-is....looks like the frame started out as a Bug "Flea".....Pick it up in Myrtle creek, Or....175.00
  16. Hounddog

    Bug Trail Flea

    I got lucky again this week. About a year ago I bought a Bug Trail Flea(orange) with a buggered rear frame. So for a year I have been looking for a donor frame or donor bike. So I just lucked out and found another Bug Trail Flea(blue) with a good donor frame...I feel very lucky, as these do not...
  17. smwtnbndr

    Bug Flea

    Bug Flea. Frame is bead blasted and painted with self etching primer. Hans wheels bead blasted and new taper bearings. New bearings in jackshaft. I welded and parts of the frame that needed attention;TIG. Tires are original winged foot good year. Some dry rot. Tank tunnel has original...
  18. KustomKartKid

    Wanted: Early Bug Flea

    Like to find and early Bug Flea for my collection: Complete...roller...finders fee paid. PM if you've got any leads....thanks. KK
  19. Hounddog

    Bug Trail Flea

    So who bought the Bug Trail Flea on the Tucson, AZ craiglist? Nice find!:thumbsup:
  20. Hounddog

    Bug Flea

    I recently picked up what appears to be a Bug Flea? The owner has put a briggs 5hp on it, but gave me the original Continental "Red Seal 175cc" motor too. It is complete including the perfect gas tank with the original "Rubber Seal" gas cap and the original fiberglass clutch...