Ok if you really think I should

    ha Hey KB2ROCKET, It looks like it's been a while since you've last posted. Why not take a second and introduce yourself, ask a question or help answer someone elses! Hi I am Keith I like mini bikes and about a bazillion other things too . Question why do we spend so much time on the...
  2. Shift_Oversteer

    THUNDERDOME RACER'S CUP - Free minibike race in Detroit!

    For more details check us out on Facebook -
  3. Jamie1972

    Bonanza Brotherhood Decal

    5.00+ Free Shipping.
  4. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar poster

    Helps to sometimes use Steller (Or Stella, and Tecumsa) every now and then. Not a huge find but a nice lil wall hanger. Free shipping. steller minibike | eBay
  5. dakota

    Max torque clutch

    fs - new 1" clutch , never used .. $75 free shipping -
  6. cheezy1

    Help with a tank!

    Hey...I am looking for the ever elusive 67-69 Rupp tank (painted/no chrome). This is for a friend of mine. The last one I had was sold and shipped with fenders for 100 bucks to a member. I don't expect that sweet of a deal....but he is working with a cheaper is always better. Trying...
  7. mlanzoni

    Tecumseh Exhaust

    Tecumseh exhaust. Very little use. Came off H60-75354J. Very good condition. Free Shipping to lower 48 states. $15.00
  8. J

    (some) Of my vintage collection

    Hello all, I like building my bikes like they came, well kind of. In my world everything came with a raptor, I try and rescue bikes and bring them back to glory with mild built raptors, and attempt to secure them a future, so our grandchildren can enjoy them. CLONE Free Here are a couple of...
  9. cheezy1

    Barris chain guard super stocker unobtanium

    Well..after my stupidity and my obvious lack of knowledge of the bike I am doing..I have to sell this wrong cover for my bike. I know a lot of you may be tempted to add to that sentence..but please refrain due to rules. Or feel free to PM me :wink:. Anyways..this guard is for the "not Quasi"...
  10. 70sVintageTrikes

    Trike Hoarder

    Well guys im still around. It has been months since I have been on here at all. I guess the main reason is I kinda got burned out with all the crap stack of projects I have put on my plate... Everyone that knows me on here knows I was more of a buyer/hoarder than anything.. It ended up getting...
  11. Bikerscum

    ONLY 12 HOURS LEFT... Lil Indian brochure...

    Only $119! Vintage 'Lil' Indian Minibike 1971 8 Color Pages Catalog "Original" | eBay Free shipping!!!
  12. Phil1958

    FREE!!!! HS50 on a snow blower FREE!!!!!

    what we have here is an an older craftsmen snow blower with an HS50 on it. it runs, gas was drained in the fall. it's free to the first person who picks it up. i am blessed with three snow blowers and four would just be considered just plain old gluttony. come and get it :thumbsup:
  13. hemigremmy


    Anybody got any promo codes for RockAuto?? Free shipping would be AWESOME!!
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Preparing steel frame for painting

    I've stripped this here Stellar down to it's naked steel frame and want to make sure I prepare the metal for painting correctly. The old paint was quite bumpy and whatnot. Wanted a nice smooth finish. What have some of you used in the past to get it all squeeky clean and oil free? Looks...
  15. Bikerscum

    Free shipping

    Sprockets :shrug:
  16. V

    FREE stock MBX10 engine

    Anyone interested? Located in VT, may deliver to NY, VT, NH, or MA, would prefer not to ship but I will if you need this badly. Total run time about 30 minutes, barely used, looks and works like new.
  17. roccosbike


    Clone GX 340 head,coil and other small misc hardware from this engine, come and get it.
  18. Norcalputput

    Gx200 4 free

    this landed in my lap today for free So I was thinking what about a 3" build for the drag bike Sent from my iPhone using Mores code
  19. John in MN.

    Got it for free

    I know the engine is not OEM. I put some gas in the carb., It runs. The tank is metal. The seat is rubber. Anyone have the answer to, " WHAT IS IT?
  20. 1967 Tempest

    The Ultimate Harbor Freight coupon post.

    I came across this on another forum that I use. I did not see this here so I thought that I would share. The first post is all that you need. It has the coupons pictures on the bottom. :thumbsup: The page does not update, but the coupons do. I printed out and used the 25% off coupon twice...