1. cxbra

    Predator 212cc free mods

    I have a few idea's for free'ing up some power on my engine (bone stock Predator, NO mods yet). Power isnt the problem, i'm running 12/72 gearing with a 13" rear tire. The front comes up when I need it. The problem is my throttle response is pretty bad. When I roll off the throttle, there is a...
  2. N

    Free mini bike motors

    Free motors for local pick up here in New Milford, CT. None are seized. The silver one I think is a 7 hp. Carb was used for another motor but pcs of another carb are included. Was running when I got it on a chopper frame. The little red ones should be a 1966 and a 1960. Cyl head missing on one...
  3. vwfan79

    1978 Sears Free Spirit

    It's not a mini but is still cool and thought someone here may be interested. I figure I would post it here before I put it on CL, my wife and I are moving to the country to a house on a dirt road so this will not be getting used. Anyways it's a 1978 Sears Free Spirit moped and from what I have...
  4. widerider

    6 x 3 steel wheels-FREE

    I'm restoring, don't need.....will give them to someone in need, think they will ship in a flat-rate USPS Priority Mail box for 15 bucks.... let me know...Paypal is fine... thanks... Frank
  5. ArcticMinibike

    How to Free Up A Rusted Piston

    I have a 50cc 2 cycle engine that someone left the head off of for years and it rusted the rings in place. I have the head loose and raised off the block a bit so I know it's just the piston, not the crank. I filled the top half of the cylinder above the piston with Evaporust and let it sit...
  6. debriscreator

    free ebay broncs bay area

    Super Bronc Mini Bike | eBay go pickemup if you are new the bay area.
  7. The Restore Kid

    FREE electricity from propane heaters

    HOW the hell does that work? :shrug: I'm lookin at this stupid heater, it's got a basic on/off switch, OR you can wire your two wires rite here and hook up your thermostat... Doesn't show where to put any power INTO the unit.. evidently the regulator control valve unit just creates electricity...
  8. Bikerscum

    "Unknown minibike frame" $99 with free shipping

    I've seen worse for more. :shrug: frame
  9. Stangrcr1

    Free engines

    Just received two free old Briggs, Thanks Ted! One is a 6hp with a date code of 68, aluminum bore that is gouged. Will use that one for parts. The second motor is the physical same size as the other 6hp, but I cannot find any numbers on it. It has the old art deco stamped blower housing and...
  10. Dragbikemini

    fly wheel collection, FREE

    honda gx 200 and 140, new and old style predator. also honda 200 crank. has keyed shaft but is :785x2 inch. used for wet clutch reduction gear? Located 10509 Brewster;NY, could fit in $15 flat rate.
  11. markus

    broncco decals FREE

    I'm starting to clean up and clean out cause I'm getting burned out! I have sold off all my Broncco stuff, left in my file are some Broncco decals Glenn Baine had made and sent to me a long time ago for free when I I had bought something else from him. I woud not call these professinal...
  12. dajsnipe

    Free stuff

    Cleaning out the garage with the hopes of actually parking in there, want to offer this stuff up to the OldMiniBikes community, if your near Port Huron it's free for the taking. I am driving down to Novi tomorrow with an empty truck, if your near there I'll drop it off -and I normally go to to Lapeer on...
  13. JesseWulf

    HELP David Get A Early Get Out Of Jail Free Card

    As my Granddaughter Asks For Her Uncle David " Please Let My Uncle David Out Of Jail ". Earlyll
  14. H

    Tec OHH 60 Free kind of.

    Carb needs rebuilt, or replaced, and throttle plate is missing. Gas tank has a crack on the tip that I fixed. Circa 1988. Ran fine once I finally got it started with the crappy carb. Pulled it off a yard cart in favor of 212. Free, you pay shipping, including the five bucks for gas to the...
  15. toomanytoys

    Going to pick up a free tractor tonight

    A guy at work knows I tinker with small engines and tractors in my free time. He was asking me about his cub a few days ago. I offered to come down to his house and look at it. Its a 3 year Old Cub Cadet 1000 Series. Not sure what the model number is exactly. I know it has a 25HP Kohler...
  16. M

    Free stuff!

    Hey guys I'm cleaning out the garage trying to get rid of some stuff. Pictured is 2, 3 hp briggs vertical shaft engines and 2, I think to be tecumseh 2 cycle engines. If anyone wants them they are free for the taking, just pay shipping. All I know about these engines are that they turn over and...
  17. P

    Free ride.......

    Come along on a vintage kart ride. NO REFUNDS! Caretta WestBend 2013 - YouTube
  18. jspec

    free bird nighthawk rear wheel and tire

    Like the title says its in excellent condition and all put together, just don't have a nighthawk no more. Local pickup only I'm in san antonio tx.
  19. viki

    OldMiniBikes Free Shipping on BSP Engines!

    Mini Bike & Go Kart Parts, Lawn Mower, Chain Saw and Outdoor Power Equipment | OldMiniBikes Warehouse 1 day left! More sales coming soon!
  20. viki Free Shipping Coupon !!

    We are having a sale right now! There is free shipping on orders over $25 running now through Friday*. Please enter coupon code SPRING13 before checkout at the bottom of the shopping cart page. *Sale ends Friday April 19, 2013 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. Orders must be $25 or more...