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    Fuel Linkage Setups??

    Hey Guys, I've been looking into stepping up a mini chopper I'm working on by having the fuel line linked up to the gas tank. But i was wondering what different kinds of fuel linkage setups there are? I'm wondering if I have a 5.5 Honda Clone, then is just a gravity fed setup from the...
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    Sprocket Alignment Issues

    Alright, so I've just put the chain on my new chopper and I've the wheels on and the clutch all hooked up. But I noticed that while I was rolling it, I felt a small change in momentum every now and then. Then I realized when I got home that the sprocket hub is not concentric to the wheel...
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    Alternative Kick-Back Starters??

    I've browsed through quite a few of other peoples mini-bikes and I'm working on my own but I haven't finished it yet. I don't know if this is a stupid question or not, but are kick-back starting engines standard on mini-bikes or has anyone put on a key-ignition engine on theirs? Or devised a way...
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    Installing Axles .. ???

    So I'm a bit of a newbie to the whole mini-bike building, but my project is actually a mini-chopper type thing. Very basic stuff & no gaudy accessories or expensive tune-ups. But my resources are limited because practically no one does this type of stuff in my area. So for my chopper, I've...