1. J

    predator parts for linkage

    i wound up with a predator 212 without anything atop the carb butterfly... are there any replacement parts other than stock that can be used easily with cable kits.
  2. S

    Powerland motors any good?

    Found a Powerland 13 hp engine on Ebay online and I was thinking about buying it and maybe sticking it in a baja warrior when I get one. What do you guys think? Also would it be interchangeable with a Predator motor?
  3. C

    Can't get a Predator 212 to pull.

    Few weeks back I bought a used go kart for my son and it has a Predator 212 on it. It of course needed a few things fixed and similar. I thought it would be a good project for us. I understand many things mechanical but engines have never really been something I have put a lot of time into...
  4. S

    Doodle Bug Predator 212 Throttle Cable Help

    I just installed my 212 Predator on my Doodle bug but have run into a problem with the throttle cable. I have a standard doodle bug throttle cable and the exposed cable is about 4" long. I installed the OldMiniBikes Predator Throttle Kit and installed it but the brass grommet was missing. Once...
  5. M

    Kill switch + key Ignition Predator 212 Engine

    First off, i'm not sure if this is in the right section (mods please move if so) but I ordered a keyed ignition with an on and off to mount on the blower housing then run the cable strait down and out the bottom and along the outside of the bottom of the engine to the old kill switch area. I...
  6. B

    Predator options?

    Currently have a Tecumseh 6.5. Looking to replace with predator 6.5. Possibly with a few extras. Simple upgrades or reasonably priced prebuilt? I have seen a few options on engine types such as hemi or non. Obviously the kits are different. How complicated are these builds. From stage to stage...
  7. 212Nasty

    212 Predator Gas Tank

    I'm looking to do something different with my gas tank. Is there a decent gas tank out there being sold that will mount perfectly onto th 212 predator? Pretty much pop off and pop on the new one?
  8. doodle-bug

    torque converters???

    I have a 212cc predator on a doodle bug and i am wondering about getting a torque converter because my clutch is toast anyway. I have a 70 tooth sprocket in the back. I need to know what is the best economical or sensible option for someone on a budget, and what work will i have to do to...
  9. Bgw tri-rod

    Bgw tri-rod

  10. T

    Predator engine question

    Does anybody know the threded tap holes on the predator engine right by the shaft , there are 4 of them ? Thanks in advance
  11. G

    new takeoff predator hemi heads

    I have ( 2 ) new predator model 363 hemi take off heads complete with valves , springs, retainers and rockers. $35 each pm email or cell # for pics
  12. jays0n

    Hemi Predator Governor removal parts list

    I have a Hemi Predator on my DB30 and have decided it's time to remove the governor, low oil sensor, etc. I've done tons of searching and can't seem to find a definitive parts list anywhere. I know that's likely because there are 100 ways to accomplish this. The only thing I don't really know...
  13. B

    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Hi guys, Been riding our minibike WAY too much! lol SPent the last month fiddling with a Mikuni carb and finally had it dialed in. We have a fairly moderate built Predator engine on an Azusa minibike. Oil has been changed regularly. Current build is as follows for backgroun info Predator...
  14. D

    Predator 212 valvetrain question.

    Hey guys, I'm building a Predator 212 for a minibike. I'm going to be running 14cc heads, flat top piston with .020" lower compression height, and a billet rod that's .020" longer to account for the lowered compression height. I plan on running 1.3:1 ratio rocker arms and I was wondering what...
  15. B

    Predator 212 on trail horse?

    Does anyone know if I need the engine mount they sell for the 212 or will it bolt right on my trail horse frame? Thanks.
  16. 2fast4you

    301 cc predator

    are they worth it and do they have as many aftermarket mods as the 212cc? thanks in advance
  17. M

    Predator 212 Governor removal now will not start

    Hi I just removed my governor on my 212 with the basic stage 1 upgrade kit. I removed the low oil sensor, got the washer behind the governor, lined the dots on the cam up, did all the wiring correctly and checked the plug. The motor would not start so I took off the OHV cover and the engine...
  18. Peekster

    Hemi Predator Crankshaft Endplay

    What is a max amount of crank endplay on a hemi when cold? Thanks
  19. B

    Monster Moto 212 predator engine mounting help

    Hi, I have a Monster Moto MMB80 and a HF 212 predator engine. I have modified the air box, removed the front oil drain plug to place a set screw in the hole to allow more clearance. I believe that I have the engine in the correct place, I have check the alignment of the chain and everything...
  20. P

    Predator 212cc build

    Hey everyone its Pskel from Alabama Im restoring a old mini bike and I will post pics tomorrow