1. steven Durham

    Briggs & Stratton Engine

    I still have a never used motor that I intended to refit with a slide carb and pipe. So I removed all the throttle linkage and fuel tank so that it would fit into the frame I had. Now all is left is this motor and it needs a new home now. I cam ship this motor with or without the fuel tank your...
  2. steven Durham

    Cushman Scooter ( Carpenter ) parts

    For sale the parts are all that's left of the step through Trike I was going to build for my son Steven but he is gone now. I now need for these parts to be sold. I paid the 2009 catalog price for these parts about $455.00 not including shipping. What I have is a front wheel axle and all parts...
  3. markus

    bargain in Cali!

    If your in Santa cruz area....Nice clean bike to work with for a great price :thumbsup: Vintage Mini Bikes | eBay
  4. Moedog07

    Predator crankshaft 301cc?

    Looking for a crankshaft for a Predator 301cc engine. Anybody have one? Even a damaged short block may do if the price is right.
  5. J

    Comet Clutch 5/8"

    I have a Comet Clutch. It has a 5/8" shaft. It's the larger tooth model not for 35 chain. It comes with clutch, bell housing, and bushing. Price: $40.00 plus shipping. Pay pal only please
  6. Ding Ding

    Unique bike near me, what kind is it?

    This bike has been for sale for a while. The pictures are kind of crummy but the bike and price looks decent. What is it? Minibike
  7. gumpit

    Minibike network

    There are times that we all come across a mini that we may not recognize or need or want. The price may be too high or we may just want a second opinion.But we may know someone who might want it. I am not talking about on Craigslist or Ebay. I am sure we all forward those links already to the...
  8. T

    Tri Sport RTS 340 SL on craigslist

    Found this on craigslist, pictures are not that good but it looks like most of this trike is there. If someone is close by to this I think its not a bad price. Tri-Sport RTS 340
  9. P

    Acme rollers available

    I have two Acme choppers available. One is a limited production long wheelbase and the other the standard wheelbase. The LWB has 10" Azusa wheels, new tires, new rear brake and new seat. Price is $ 635. The SWB has new Azusa 8" Spinner wheels, new tires, new seat, and rear brake set up. Price is...
  10. dakota


    a great price too
  11. markus

    Powerdyne (maybe???) sprocket

    One of those wear parts that you just don't see all that much, If it is a Powerdyne the price is right to have as a spare! Vintage Drive Sprocket 35 Chain 72 Tooth Mini Bike Go Kart Quarter Midget | eBay
  12. JohnnyTillotson

    OMG my Minion Build Off bike in its original form

    $100 as is I should get this (at a negotiated lower price of course) if anything just to see how it really ticks...
  13. J

    Another Tecumseh side popper

    Nice price Tecumseh Short Block Part Number SBH 4242 754242B | eBay
  14. J

    How good are the TAV knockoffs?

    Are the knockoffs as good as a genuine Comet TAV? Are they able to use Comet parts? Is the Comet worth the price premium over the knockoff? There is a huge price difference between Comet and the knockoff. There is even a huge price difference the knockoffs sold by different sellers. I...
  15. nds1968

    1960 skat kitty mini bike

    I think these are neat but out of my price range. 1960 skat kitty mini bike
  16. outcrydrummer

    Wanted Trisport RTS

    Been searching for parts and I've come to the realization it might be easier and more cost effective to buy yet another trisport rts. Does not have to be all original or even run. I'm willing to travel to get it or have it shipped if the price is reasonable. If you have one or know of one...
  17. K

    ADRE bored and stock appearing carbs

    If anyone is looking for a bored or stock appearing carb, i can make them. I'm very reasonable on price. Pm me what size you need and ill shoot you a good price, i do it all for fun but i do have to cover parts a little bit of my time. I bore them, rework the fuel circuits shaved throttle shaft...
  18. D

    Lookin forTaco 22 or 44,

    Only interested in unrestored ones, not broken down ones, Pm me wit price SHIPPED!!!
  19. tbird

    looking for a DB30 tire.

    Looking for a DB30 knobby tire. I don't need a rim, just the tire. Please pm me with price if anyone has one for sale. Thanks......
  20. tbird

    Anybody live near Pittsburgh?

    Here's a Heathkit on craigslist near Pittsburgh PA, good price also. I have family there but I also have to many projects right now. Heathkit "Boonie" bike