1. C

    In search of swing arm for a bc1400

    Not too, too sure what frame i have exactly. I believe its a bonanza bc 1400 and ive been looking for a swing arm for some time. Let me know what you guys have, or if someone knows how to fabricate one. Thanks in advance
  2. manchester1

    Google search and OldMiniBikes

    I've notice that the Google search doesn't seem to pick-up anything from the OldMiniBikes forum any more. I'm not referring to the "Google custom search" on the top of the page. A few years back, if you posted a photo of a mini bike and used all the headings in the photo section, the photo would show...
  3. B

    Trail Flite Rear Wheel Search

    Hey everyone! I am currently in the hunt for a rear wheel for a trail flite mini bike. The one I have is busted up and I am having a heck of a time finding one. I think it is a 1971.
  4. 97nismo

    In Search of MTD/Columbia SS300

    Hi New here and restoring my childhood mini. I need these parts and willing to pay good money as its a memory to me I cherish dearly. Needed: good frame front wheel with the black piece that holds the bearings in front removable plate that says trail bike ss300 oem chain guard front and rear...
  5. H

    I am not able to do search in the forum. Do i need special access to see the search ?

    I am not able to do search in the forum. Do i need special access to see the search ?
  6. H

    In search of a 4 inch aluminum Manco wheel

    Looking for a 4 inch aluminum manco go kart wheel or wheel half. Its the last piece needed in my daughter's red fox project kart, thanks.
  7. bikerboybenny8

    in search of manco thunderbird tank

    In search of manco thunderbird gas tank, new or old style... Message or call me 8147903952
  8. B

    1st build questions

    Ok guys, I've done a search but I really think I suck at the proper search terms so bear with me. Like the title said, I'm doing my first Hemi build. So far I've gotten all the gaskets I need, side cover, .010 and stock head gasket, and various others. Got an ARC +.020 length billet rod, and...
  9. Briggster

    Ever heard of a Norseman Rocco "golden trophy" kart??

    I bought this kart at a personal property auction this weekend. Just looking for info on it. A quick google search didn't yield much. Thanks Briggster
  10. Scottessey

    Holy Cow, I found it!

    I'm in shock. :blink: After years of hunting, I finally found the piece that many of us have been looking for, either for ourselves or for our friends. Those of us that have been trying to find one know how hard they are to come by. Some of us have decided that a UFO abduction, or a Big Foot...
  11. S

    Hs35 vs H35

    What is the difference between a hs35 and h35. I have a rupp scrambler with an hs35 and I'm looking for a block. So curious what I got to search for?
  12. J

    predator heads

    hello, it's been awhile since I post but most of the time I can find what I need using the search function. I have one on a old style predator that is a rt2 head. anyone know anything about that head?
  13. J

    rupp 12" rear rim

    In search of a 12" rear 28 spoke rim condition doesn't matter. Please help me out if you have one.
  14. Tim Wilson

    another blazer?

    The frame doesn't look like a blazer, but I read somewhere that they may have used a tote gote frame when they first started out. I'm still having trouble with the search options since the OldMiniBikes makeover.
  15. KustomKartKid

    The Attack of the Dreaded Miniature License Plates

    I don't know where all these things come from...the good folks in China must have a factory where they turn these things out 24/7. :doah: How could so many different sellers be making money on these things ?! many people named "Fred" or "Edna" are currently in the market for a...
  16. Harleys Papa

    Bronnco TX axle adjuster

    I am in search of a rear axel adjuster for a Bronnco Tx just like this one
  17. chipper

    Rare Harley Davidson mini bike

    Guys I don't know how to post a C.L. link but this one is close to Buckeye , Gulfport Mississippi , search mini bike and wait till you see the 'RARE" Harley , WTH ???:laugh:
  18. Sixpac440

    How do I clean a yellowed Tec Tank ....

    I would like it to be white again ... any tips? I did a search but my search skills must suck! Thanks Kevin
  19. M

    on the look for a new ruttman seat

    In search of a ruttman seat for a long fram spyder
  20. J

    Site glitched?

    When I check my post on my profile I cant find any of them I also tried a search and that doesnt work did the admins do a mass post/thread reset?