1. CLH

    Forestry Service Approved Spark Arrestor Muffler

    Looking for a forestry service approved muffler with a spark arrestor like a Taylor muffler or a Nelson muffler. Just needs the "US forestry service approval" stamp on it. 3/4 inch threads needed, no smaller or bigger. Thank you, reply or send me a PM.
  2. JohnnyTillotson

    Service carb cross reference?

    So many times i've searched for this to no avail but does anyone know if there is a list out there of replacement carb part numbers AND the carb part numbers they replace? Sometimes you come across an nos service carb and searching for what it could be used for is a real journey
  3. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Link to Briggs L-Head Service Manual and all other Briggs Manuals

    This links to the contemporary L-Head (Flathead) service manual. You can download it from here (all 300+ pages). L-Head Manual: Link to DIY GoKarts compendium of all Briggs Manuals: Online Service Manual Resource - DIY Go Kart Forum
  4. Rapidrob

    Need help I.D'ing a Kohler engine and service info

    A fellow in my town has to move and I was informed he has many small engines to get rid of. I drove over there and and saw many old single cylinder engines sitting in his lot. I saw a Kohler engine that I knew was an oldie. I asked him what it was and he said the ID plate was missing. The...
  5. Evil Tweety Bird

    Customer service? Yeah right.

    Not mini bike related, but more of a rant on some terrible Customer Service I'm getting. Talk about ineptness! Be forewarned if you rent from U-haul! Bought another race car on Saturday to replace the one we wrecked at Road Atlanta. My son and his buddy picked up a U-haul trailer in...
  6. j57little

    TC-1 Service

    I am not an expert on TC-1 torque converters or any torque converter, but I have one that was working well, but now does not. The driven side is flopping pretty loose. I think I may have lost my pre load. The driver also seems to be an issue. The weights aren't coming out as freely as they...
  7. james ackerman

    I have old tecumseh and briggs parts and service manuals.

    if anyone would need info on a engine I may just have the answer for it in these monsters. Just let me know and I'll do the best to get you the info you need.
  8. creia

    FamilyGoCarts.Com - Head's up on horrible customer service

    Just passing this along to others as a warning... We ordered a bike from them 2 1/2 weeks ago after being ASSURED by the owner of the company "Jay" that it was POSITIVELY in stock (You can see where this is going). They tell you how they pride themselves in customer service and that you will...
  9. jeep4me

    Minibike Service Sign

    Selling my minibike service sign. I've had this for a couple years, been hanging in my garage. The word minibike was added to the sign. Probably wouldn't last long outside, but in a pole barn or garage it's great. Asking $50 plus shipping.
  10. ReapersRide

    Briggs Service Manual?

    Is there a PDF Briggs Service Manual that covers a 5 HP horizontal shaft on here?
  11. G

    OldMiniBikes warehouse

    If any of you guys have a chance to actually go to OldMiniBikes WAREHOUSE do it. I live about 30 minutes from there and never been there. I had a project to do and they were a great help. They took the time to look what I was doing, gave advice and had all the parts on the shelf. It's just to bad that...
  12. bikebudy

    Moto Sketter Service Book

    Hello All, I'll be listing some parts for a Friend that's not computer savy. One was the Bronco wheel This is a Dealers Service and Parts Moto-Skeeter Book. Over All, in nice shape. 60.00 plus shipping. Thanks, Cory
  13. Moto-Skeeter


  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Correct kit?

    I looked this carb up on the Tecumseh service parts list and come up with service #630813. I can't find this anywhere. All I can get is some sites mention it as a replacement for 630772. Can't find anything for that one either. Are some diaphragm carbs simply SOL for carb kits? I do have a...
  15. tippycanoenm

    OldMiniBikes service

    Ordered some parts on Wed and received them today.........from the east coast to the desert of New Mexico. It doesn't get any better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you OldMiniBikes........
  16. markus

    tillotson HL32a carb

    Dunno what application it would be good for so dont ask :smile: I bought it not thinking for a very small CC engine and its just too big of a bore for it. It clean and not gunky, I think it may have been rebuilt and ready for service but its been along time since I bought it. $28...
  17. steven Durham

    Kohler Service Manual

    I have a Kohler Factory Service Manual for their twin cylinder engines from K295-2 through to K-618-2 this manual has wiring diagrams including charging circuits , Carbs and tuning and timing help. About 55 pages full of good information I am asking a firm $40.00 for this old publication and I...
  18. ponytail

    Sincere's Mini Bike Service Book

    I just found a copy of this book. Thinking of purchasing it. Is this a collectible book? Is it rare and valuable? Just looking for your thoughts?:shrug:
  19. B

    Honda qa 5o service manual???

    Does anyone happen to know where I can get a service manual for a Honda qa50? Book or pdf. Any help is appreciated..
  20. Biodude

    Coleman/Attex Sport 5.30 Owners Service Manual

    I acquired this from the same guy that I purchased my Coleman 5.30 from and I thought this might help all of us who have those bikes. Until he gave me this manual I had not seen one of these, and it has really come in handy for setting the mini bike up. I hope others can use it.