1. Single jackshaft twister

    Single jackshaft twister

    Bearkat twister single jackshaft, 12 inch wheels
  2. Big wheel twister

    Big wheel twister

    Twister 12" wheels single jackshaft
  3. minikenny

    WTB single 6" Ruttman aluminum wheel half

    Does anyone have a lonely 6" Ruttman aluminum wheel half in usable condition you would be willing to sell? Doesn't have to be perfect, I can hide it behind the sprocket. I would also be willing to buy both halves if that is what you have to offer. I had an unwelcome surprise when I...
  4. ludicrous speed

    need a single Shock Spring OR a set of springs.

    on phase 2 of the mockup build for my kiddos bike. its a mutt,please dont hate too much,it was rough when we got it. am in need of 2 springs to replace the front springs,as these are shot. have one shock,seems to be from a go cart? need one more. as im gonna have to take apart the shock...
  5. dbrick

    Mud Bug trike Rockwell JLO single

    I just picked up a Mud Bug. It's had a tough life. Fiberglass has been cut away quite a bit, someone genius put a Rockwell JLO 2 stroke single in and big chunks of steel welded on as a motor plate. One brake is gone, other is bastardized.That said, the basic frame, diff fork etc etc is all...
  6. markus

    Headlight mount look familiar??? single post

    Just got this AP-4600 headlight in for something that uses a square block mount, It has a unique "mount block" on it that while isn't the flashiest looking it does look manufactured and probably zinc coated due to condition. Anyone seen one like it on a bike before??? Its mounted to...
  7. D

    Single disk bully

    There's a single disk 6 spring bully clutch for sale locally and I was wanting to know if anyone has any experience with one? I'm 260lbs and will be running 1/8 mile drag with it and want to know how it will launch and holdup with the single disk? Any information will be appreciated.
  8. braaaaap

    EK chain: where can I get one single link?

    I am putting an EK high tensile chain on my Trail Horse and, of course, I am one link short with the engine all the way back in it's slots. Does anybody know of a place I can order a single link? I've been searching and searching with little luck. BRAAAAAP
  9. Havasu Dave

    WTB Atwood/Cecor Kickstand

    Going on a 6" wheel based Stellar. Need the "W" (raised portion) style. Drop isn't critical at this point, but would prefer something over 4" and less than 5". This was a single bolt unit with a spacer between stand and frame. Thanks.
  10. outcrydrummer

    ID this Kohler single please

    No engine plate. Need help identifying
  11. JohnnyTillotson

    Snaps stuck

    Does anyone have any good techniques for removing the snaps out of the female part of the snap? These things are really stuck every single one of them!! I'm practically destroying the first one i'm trying to get out with pliers.
  12. markus

    Vintage chrome headlight

    Chrome single post headlight, cool style, not off a flashlight :no: This one is used but still shiny and not dented or peeling or pitted up. Glass lens and uses a simple 1156 style bulb so it wont be a heavy draw on your weak system, can be 6 or 12v, and cheap led's are available too. this can...
  13. Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson

    Vintage Single cylinder Harley Davidson
  14. B

    60s sears single seat kart

    any one have any stock parts like drive wheel I have sprocket it has 4 in front and 5 in rear with bushings not bearing from pics I think david bradly has nice white steering wheel will post pics in morning not sure what to do with yet but looking thanks
  15. C

    2 cycle Single cylinder engines

    What kind of 2 cycle engines are still made for the 3 wheelers? Like the 292 Yamaha or any other engines like them to use on 3 wheeler? Or where to find one that would work? The biggest small engine I have now is a 10HP 4 cycle Tecumseh electric start so I can power lights. I want it for my...
  16. countstevula

    Heald Super Tryke Single Seater

    Picked this bad boy up at the Ann Arbor show this May. Single Seater with 8 hp Tecumseh, and lighting coil. Switch for the light behind seat with the key ignition. 22x11x8 rear tires and 18x8.5x8 front tire. Someone painted it green, believe it was originally red judging from paint scrapes...
  17. Bikerscum

    WTB old school NOS 3/4" single speed clutch

    Need a 3/4" clutch.... 60's-70's vintage, NOS or very close to it. 12 or 13 tooth, #35 chain. HAS to have set screws for mounting and MUST have the sprocket all the way (or very close) to the outside of the clutch (see below). The left & right side are 2 speed clutches but you can see where the...
  18. Harley Davidson 11F single

    Harley Davidson 11F single


    where is the best place for a single guy to take a vacation?

    the vacation dosent have to be all about hooking up with women yet that would be a plus . disclamer this place must be on earth and be relativley safe for americans
  20. I

    Single wire lighting coil connections

    On an engine with a small 3 amp lighting coil with a single wire... How would it be wired to a light? Would I just run the wire to the + on the light and ground the - to the engine block? I am refering to a Honda GX with the single wire. Thanks,