1. J

    wrong tire size

    Curious about others solutions to my issue. A bike I recently got has bad tire rub against the upper spring cup on the front suspension. There are many ways to go here... but I'd rather not replace the tires. Thanks
  2. R

    I need rings but I do not know what size, can anyone help?

    Hi, I have an unknown year Honda QA50E-3 005871 I need rings with my compression at 35 psi The diamiter of my piston is 43 mm Can someone tell me the year or part # Any help would be great white fenders with red tank and grey frame
  3. fistfullabar

    hs40 carb to engine manifold bolt size

    Lost mine need too buy some so i can find um. Anyone got the specs handy for thread and pitch manifold to engine bolts?
  4. C

    Columbia clutch 5/8" bore size nos

    Columbia clutch 5/8" bore size nos with some shelf wear $40 located in Wilkes barre pa PayPal or in person
  5. Sixpac440

    Where to find fork boots / gaiters ... small size ...

    I can find them till the cows come home in larger sizes .... I want them for my Hilltopper ... 25mm / 1" I.D. on one end 20mm / .800" on the other end 80mm / 3" long (or a bit longer ... Black preferred .... Who might have them? Thanks Kevin
  6. R

    Wanted: H25 Tecumseh or similar frame size

    I need a replacement for my H25 that has a bad camshaft, crankshaft (both have stripped gears) and at least one stripped thread for holding the head on the block. I would prefer another H25 so I can swap all the new parts that i installed on the old one or a larger HP one that I can also swap...
  7. S

    clutch bore size

    I have a 5hp flathead briggs and I want to replace the clutch but I'm not sure what bore size I need:confused:.
  8. V

    Guess engine size and year.

    picked it up out of the trash the carb is locked up and the bowl is coated with silicone, theres no tags on the engine. sprayed some starting fluid in the carb plugged in the elictric start and it fired rite up. the engine has an 3/4 shaft tapped and was chain drive with a clutch.
  9. B

    Tire size for Attex Coleman 2.4?

    Can anybody help me with the proper tire & inner tube size for the Coleman Attex 2.4? Any suggestions on where to buy as well would be helpful!
  10. Not so mini bike

    Tube size

    I want to run a 90/65-8 tire on a split rim. What tube should I use.
  11. Danny01

    what size rear axle?

    what size is the rear axle on the older db? coming up with a top secret project lol someone help
  12. gumpit

    What size woodruff key?

    What size woodruff key is needed for the axle? My buddy just called me looking for some to put the drums on his Dunecycle axle...All I have is 5/32" x 3/4"... I don't know why I even have them. I've never used
  13. C

    H50 1 inch Crankshaft Tap Size

    I have a question maybe someone here can answer. The H50 I have has a drilled 1" PTO. I need to tap this for a TC mount-up job. Hole size is unknown but a 5/16 drill will fit with some wobble. I know that a 5/16-24 bolt is common for other shaft diameters but what is workable for the 1"...
  14. T

    Rear sprocket chain size help

    So the Coleman ct200u runs 420 chains, problem is looking at rear sprockets with a high tooth count such as 72 or higher only come in #35. So I can change the chain no problem.....but what do you think about going from a 420 to a 35 chain? It's a clone 6.5 motor with a torque converter 6"...
  15. chatten63

    tecumseh oil fill thread size?

    I know this is a long shot but would anyone happen to know what the thread size is of the oil filler hole on side covers. Also would anyone happen to have one or know where I could get one. Thanks Rick.
  16. motormike

    Image size test posting

    ..and there's this.
  17. T

    Powell Fork Bearing Size? HELP!

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the two roller bearings that support the steering stem????? Mine are mangled beyond repair and I can't seem to come up with anything on Ebay that matches my measurements. Thanks.
  18. I

    Need a little help on dB frame tubing size ..

    I know there's alot of guys that have done this.. I am planning on stretching my db30 this weekend. What is the tubing size you guys used?
  19. A

    chain # size

    hello everyone how do i tell what chain # came off my mini bike? the ones i took off were frozen stiff thank you!
  20. J

    Moto skeeter 450 belt -> Size or number etc.

    Anybody know the size of the belt for the clutch? Its a moto-skeeter 450. thanks