1. james c

    go power/bonanza sprocket 60t

    pm me if anyone has a nice or repop 60 tooth drum brake sprocket to fit go powers
  2. CarPlayLB

    Manco 60 tooth #35 sprocket with adapter

    Here is a brand new Manco 60 tooth #35 chain steel sprocket with the Manco adapter. The adapter was cracked and rewelded. It is ugly, but solid! Will not effect its function. $45.00 shipped, lower 48 only, or trade for beef jerky, canned fish, size 11 tennis shoes, or anything interesting...
  3. topnotch

    Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket

    I'm looking for a Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket with a #35 chain 3/8" pitch.
  4. topnotch

    Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket

    I'm looking for a Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket with a #35 chain 3/8" pitch.
  5. Studeman68

    Does anybody make a sprocket for this?

    I know this is probably an old topic hashed over many times here before... but does anyone make a replacement sprocket for this adapter? it's for a Trail Horse. I could go the spacer route if needed but would rather do the correct setup.. Any help would be appreciated...
  6. Aircooled

    Sprocket question

    I'd like to replace my rear sprocket from a 74 tooth to a 60 tooth. I had already purchased a generic-universal- solid sprocket. I would like to use it on my Motovox bike. The center hole is 1 3/8" and according to what I've read, it needs to be 1 1/2". Also the 6-outer mounting holes need to be...
  7. Studeman68

    Trail Horse sprocket adapters

    Picked one up for me.. Now just gotta find a sprocket! Vintagetrail Horse Minibike Sprocket Adapter RARE | eBay
  8. J

    honda 175 minibike w/17in sprocket

    1971 Honda 175 i freaking love it. what a sprocket!
  9. Joe-405

    428 chain sprocket for 1.25" axle

    Im using the mini cup tire and can't find any 428 sprockets to fit the 1.25" axle assembly. Any ideas ?? And I'm needing around the mid 50's on tooth count. And thanks ! Only one I can find is off a Chinese taotao scooter and the bolt pattern dont match up to any hubs I can find.
  10. Aircooled

    Aluminum vs. steel sprocket

    Just a quick question in regard to using an aluminum or steel rear sprocket. I'm getting ready to order a new sprocket along with a few other parts. Which is the better choice? I'd like to change out the 74 to a 60 tooth sprocket. Preparing to install the Predator engine. Thanks for your...
  11. R

    WTB; Original Sprocket for a 1967 Taco 22

    Just as the tile says trying to help someone out WTB Original Taco 22 sprocket should be 70 Tooth
  12. danford1

    Wanted: 8" rear tire and rim assy with sprocket and brake rotor. 6" might work also.

    I'm looking for an 8" rear tire and rim assy with a sprocket and brake rotor already on it. A 6" might get my interest if the price is right... I have #35 chain but I can change that is needed. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Pictures are always welcome. Either post them...
  13. S

    Coleman CT200 rear sprocket

    I put on the TAV torq-a-verter. Its still geared awfully high, would like to put a bigger rear sprocket on. I cant find anything with the stock dimensions: 40mm center hole, 80mm bolt spacing, 420 teeth. Stock is 50 tooth, would like to go up to 60 or 72, but not finding anything with that...

    Like to find one Trailhorse Mag for the front, no sprocket needed

    Thinking about putting one on the front of my Mystery Chopper
  15. markus

    4" steel wheel set with sprocket

    4" one piece steel wheel set, chips and scratches in thin paint but never put into service, standard bearing size 1 3/8" hub diameter. Front has 4 3/4" spacing, rear has 7" total with space to shorten if needed. #35 chain 60 tooth count $20 plus shipping, looking like around the $15+ or...
  16. B

    Doodlebug sprocket rubbing?

    Ok, so I'm 230lbs and that is a large portion of my problem but..... I just picked up a Doodlebug (I think) with a GUTLESS 79cc Predator (it's going in the kids Go-Kart) and I plan on putting a Predator 212 into the DB. Right now my biggest concern is the sprocket. I'm thinking a larger...
  17. C

    Aftermarket sprocket hub/brake for Fox Trail bug?

    Newbie question.... As original parts are few and far between is there a suitable aftermarket equivalent. I have the original but the teeth were well worn by me and I cut the teeth off so I could both on a flat sprocket from a go cart. It worked great back in my youth but I need something...
  18. D

    Astro wheels sprocket options?

    My little Cestad/Monkey ward has the aluminum Astro wheels, which are a 5 star with 5 lugs.. I ordered a blank 60 tooth sprocket and attempted to drill it, but it's egg'd(?) and slops out//tightens the chain depending on where it is in its rotation. The 72 tooth sprocket that was on it when...
  19. S

    predator 3/4 #35 to T8F rear sprocket??

    Have a little mini chopper finally found out that the rear sprocket and the original drive sprocket are T8F?? Either need another rear sprocket or a jackshaft to convert I know there are some people out there that have the little 49cc mini bikes and I know that some of them have modified...
  20. james ackerman

    Correct fox trailbug rear rim and sprocket?

    I'm so confused on the correct rear wheel for a fox trail bug. I've seen multiple kinds that are stated to be correct. Could someone post a picture of the correct rear wheel assembly and sprocket please.