1. GW1

    Unable to remove CT200U chain tensioner

    Hi all! I’m a new member and super happy I found your group! Hoping someone with experience can help out a desperate dad… the arm of the chain tensioner on my son’s Coleman CT200U broke clean. The only thing remaining is the metal cylinder that the arm was attached to. It rotates freely...
  2. P

    Chain Tensioner Help

    So i’ve thrown together a pretty strange setup for my chain tensioner on my minibike. The issue i’m running into however is that the chain is completely destroying the roller wheel. I’ve had on wheel get completely eaten all the way to the bearing and now caused a chain to break. My question is...
  3. Phil1958

    Bonanza Chain Tensioner

    this may have been done before, i don't know. i never liked those 5/16" x 5/8" eyebolts used as chain tensioners. i spun up a couple 1" diameter, 1/2" wide spacers wit h a 5/8" bore. then i took a 1-3/4" fully threaded hex bolt with two nuts and ran them through the tensioner holes. look...
  4. OND

    DB 30 Chain Tensioner

    New take off DB30 chain tensioner . $20.00 shipped ...first PM gets it .
  5. B

    mb165 headlight assy, tensioner, clutch

    Anyone modding out their mini baja looking to get rid of these parts? I know many people are doing a torque converter, my clutch and tensioner are bad. Also my headlight assembly is missing. Lemme know thanks
  6. E

    Doodlebug db30 chain tensioner needed

    Hello everyone, Im new to these mini bikes as I just got one yesterday that I will be giving to my son for xmas and between now and then will be fixing it up a little. it is red and I need a chain tensioner stock is fine but a spring loaded one looks like it would be better. also a chain...

    Chain tensioner mod

    There's nothing I hate more than...well there's a lot of things I guess I hate more, but I really hate a sloppy chain. Not only can it be dangerous, it also robs power and does other things. In my case for some damned reason, the chain won't stay adjusted. No matter how tight I get...
  8. V

    Is there a rupp chain tensioner

    Got my 68 rupp c500 on the road today and I snapped the chain while riding my guess from too much suspension movement. Is there a factory spring loaded tensioner for this bike to keep the chain looser.
  9. A

    Azusa Chain Tensioner?

    Hi Folks - Anyone have ideas for a chain tensioner for an Azusa mini? I was hoping for some kind of bolt on solution as I dont currently have access to a welder. Any input is appreciated! Thanks Arnold In The Smokies
  10. 2

    ct 200 chain tensioner

    I got an issue with my My CT 200 chain tensioner roller. the roller is not connected to the arm. If I bend the tensioner back the roller cones right off. I seem to be missing a berring, I have one but it looks like I should have two. I see several pics on here that shows a nut holding on...
  11. Valocalrep

    Chain Tensioner

    Ok so working on both my brothers and my doodles, Been doing a little bit of research and did find the answers i need so i figure i can ask around. Its not hard to make a tension bar but the wheel is more my question. I was browsing Ebay for parts, Does anyone know what size wheel is needed for...
  12. M

    Kick Stand & Chain Tensioner

    So I need a chain tensioner for my MTD Trail Flite minibike to stop the chain from bouncing. As who ever had it before me removed the jack shaft, So I wanted to know if anybody knows anything like this that I could clamp on to my frame. 60 66 80cc Engine Motorized Bicycle Pulley Chain...
  13. 212Nasty

    Chain Tensioner

    My chain is eating this tensioner up like it's an afternoon snack. Chain isn't too tight and not too loose. Is this normal? The wear and tear on it is crazy for the amount of time I've actually put on the bike.
  14. apekillman

    chain tensioner ideas / advice.

    i have this bike that has been giving me trouble with the chain since i first started working on it. there are tight spots and loose spots in chain play up and down, as i spin the rear wheel. the rear sprocket wobbles and i believe this is the reason for chain issues. i read on here that...

    Alsport RTS Jackshaft chain tensioner

    I noticed in another persons Alsport that there was an extra sprocket that seemed to act as a chain tensioner. Mine has a bracket in that location but no extra sprocket in that location. Now, on my jackshaft itself, there is an extra sprocket that I can't figure out what it's purpose would be...
  16. capguncowboy

    Rupp 1970 and later Chain Tensioner

    I just need one, but would buy a pair if necessary
  17. G

    Decided to build a chain tensioner from scratch. Pictures included.

    So I posted a thread about my chain popping off, and after everyone's help, I started looking for a chain tensioner. I couldn't find a good one anywhere, so I took your advice and built one. This is how far I got after about an hour of work last night. This is the flat stock steel I bought...
  18. G

    DB30 Chain Keeps popping off

    Does anyone know where I can buy a spring loaded chain tensioner? Or am I better off taking a link out of the chain?
  19. doodlebug6.5

    Where Can I find cheap chain tensioners?

    Where could i find a tensioner and or what could i make one out of?
  20. S

    Chain Tensioner or No ??

    I'm in the process of assembling a Predator upgrade and a jack-shaft.... The existing chain tensioner spindle is about the same level as the sprocket on the jack-shaft but is several inches closer to the rear sprocket...so (if used as is) it makes the chain take a sharp angle up and then...