1. MCF2891

    Your first Bonanza...official thread

    :scooter:What was your first bonanza mini bike that you got? It can be from when you were a young kid to recently. No matter what model it is or what shape its in. Post your bonanza here!!!:scooter:
  2. Newoldstock

    Spark plug thread

    With the shrinking stocks of BP7ES and assorted heat range NGK spark plugs causing grief what are you switching too? If there is an "R" in the code spare me the details, they don't call me old school for nothin ya know..... These are Magneto engines and I am not willing to change to a R type...
  3. Shawnster

    Worlds Longest Mad Lib Thread

    Let's start the worlds longest Mad Lib thread. I'll start it off. A guy rode his mini bike into a bar and yelled at the.......
  4. D

    best stock combination brainstorm, specific class rules posted in this thread:

    hey guys, I have a question for our forum journeymen:) I'm struggling to figure out the best head and carburetor to use. I'll post the specific class rules, pretty much stock clone leaving a lot of stuff optional. Stock carburetor only: Choke must be installed and working. Choke bore .810"...
  5. O

    problem with forum. keep getting redirected.

    Last night and today I keep getting redirected to random threads when I click on the forum. Ive been to 30 other websites since and never had it happen, only on the OldMiniBikes forum. Ive cleared my history a few times and it still does it. Even when im in a thread thats a few pages and i click on the...
  6. Shawnster

    Anyone having problems with the forum today?

    Anyone having problems with the forum today? The reason I ask is, when I try to go to any thread or the forum home page, it keeps jumping to a random thread and won't let me go to the thread I want to see. When I type it just jumps to a random thread instead going to...
  7. DBMonster85

    Ruttman Spyder

    I should have done a build thread for this bike because I went through a lot to get it were it is now and it's still not done but it's getting close this is a before and after. again it's still not done but close.
  8. R

    how do we vote ?

    It woud be nice if someone could put together a thread that had the entry pic (pile of parts) and finished pic of each entry.
  9. G

    OldMiniBikes Doodle Bug Upgrade Parts Problem

    So I ordered the Upgrade kit#1 which includes the new header muffler, emulsion tube, and air filter. When I tried to thread the muffler in to the header, it wouldn't fit. I studied the threading on both, and the Taiwan-made muffler looked to have some flaws at the very beginning of the...
  10. R

    Can anyone tell me about this mini bike?

    Can anyone tell me about this mini bike? Make, model and year? Possibly value? (I apologize in advance if I've posted this in the wrong thread and for only being able to add the pics as attachments)
  11. minibikin'

    Manco Trail Cat fuel tank needed

    Really need one of these ASAP. If someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Reference Jamie's project thread: Thanks!
  12. LSCustoms

    Perfomance built Hemi Predator project

    this motor is going on another project, in another thread... but thought Id post a thread on it specifically, as alot of people prob wont realize what all is going into that "cruiser project", or may not like taco 22 style bikes.. hoping to have the motor dyno'd if i can find someone to do this...
  13. hemigremmy

    jeep2003 tank build thread?

    Where did the tank build thread go to?
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Aw dang it

    Guess I didnt update my build off bike in time and my thread is closed. Just put my swiss cheese machine shop from hell sprocket on and it has clearance. Oh well I'll just make it a regular project thread. Look I had my gloves in the shot and everything. How sad. Weep.
  15. G

    Muskin Dune Cat- fully restored- gwarden98's build thread cart

    Most here in the market for one of these have likely seen this build thread. I've had the cart stored inside in the exact same condition (except a moderate layer of dust). Had it listed for $2000...
  16. C

    Rupp Dart, what are they worth?

    Hey guys, I finished my mini bike project, so it's time to sell it and get on to the next project. For those of you with first-hand knowledge of their worth, could you take a look at my thread? The link below is to page 8, where the most recent pics and info are located, scroll down... My...
  17. tippycanoenm

    the trail horse i acquired last summer

    tinkering today on the trail horse I acquired last had been taken apart and put back together only to make it a roller....most of it was in boxes........not absolutely certain of the model, it does have a swingarm, (which was modified) to accommodate a torque a verter......not even...
  18. D

    Old Style DB30

    I'll start a thread on this. I started a thread in the DB section, but this will be more of a project build thread, so it seems like this forum will be more appropriate. I found this DB30 for $65. It ran when I bought it, but I'm not gonna run the stock motor. The PO had spray painted it...
  19. Sixpac440

    Am I the only one not seeing some pics that used to be there?

    There was a pic of forks here ... All the pics from my brothers build thread are not there ...
  20. L

    Bonanza bc1000 first ride after partial restoration!!

    Well, It's been a while since I've posted. 3 kids, wife, job, other projects.... And finally I've got this one done! I had asked a bunch of questions on a previous thread about restoring an old bonanza that I had found on craigslist. This thread will be the...