1. O

    Axle connection to new frame

    Hi everyone, Could use some assistance in tracking down a thread I found that contained an alternate way of connecting a wheel axle to a new frame tube end by using an eye bolt as pictured below. If anyone can recall what thread it was in or possibly where a guy might buy these would be very...
  2. Itype2slo


    Forward to freakbike thread MINIBIKE
  3. JohnnyTillotson

    Freewheel hub

    How do you remove these freewheel hubs from the rear wheel? I want to get a non spinning hub on here. Seems like it would thread off but then im thinking i need a special tool?
  4. O

    New guy

    Hi Guys, New to the site, current owner of a MB165 that needs some modifications to suit the needs. I have always dabbled in anything motorized and looking forward to continued experimentation in anything that puts a smile on a guy's face, just good old fun and experiencing things that were...
  5. markus

    NOS tecumseh muffler

    Nos in original factory paint and never used, cheapest one listed in ebay will run you 33 shipped, can have this one for $28.50 shipped (US only) 1/2" pipe thread, used on mostly 1970-earlier "Small frame" rear exhaust tecs
  6. Mark G

    NOS Clinton Tecumseh Muffler

    New old stock mufflers 1/2" pipe thread, will thread into your old Tecumseh 4hp and others. Main muffler part is 3" long and 1-3/4" across the main body. 1/2" pipe nipple is 1" long. Has chips in paint from shelf wear. $45 bucks shipped for three, paypal only please...
  7. Stangrcr1

    2015 Build Off Trophies

    For anyone interested in making trophies for the Build-Off, go right ahead and make one, or three... :laugh: Start now if you wish, heck Dave is already done... Requirements are listed in the rules. Post your trophy(s) in this thread. If we get more trophies than classes, I would...
  8. Midyrman

    Bonanza 1300 Blue Color ?

    I think I have some good ideas on the Tecumseh white from another thread so the next question is what is everyone using for the frame blue? Thanks Tom
  9. chipper

    where is it ?

    Glad we are up and running , I'm in detox but think I'll make it ? Anyways where is our little post and thread guide in the top right corner ?? I guess I'm lost ?, PM's too ?
  10. W

    Looking for a "how to fab tube-in-tube" front forks thread

    Anyone know a good thread on how to fabricate tube-in-tube front forks allowing 3" or so inches of travel.
  11. frankster

    West Bend 820 LH Thread Nut-Trapper

    I need West Bend 820 LH Threaded Nut for clutch side of crank. Its about 1" long and holds the clutch on. Needed for Trapper Mini Bike build. Thanks Frankster
  12. P

    Little unsure about 212cc Predator engine install into Baja Warrior MB200...

    Hi again. Please refer to my other thread in this forum as to why my Baja's stock 200cc engine is not currently running... Hopefully two of my dad's mechanic friends can figure it out soon... I spoke briefly with several small engine repair shops in my area and they don't do work on clones...
  13. markus

    The factory installed "side exhaust" thread

    I've seen it mentioned from time time that side exhaust engines were not used on mini bikes, I in fact believed that up until a few years ago when I was researching a particular bike and was doing more than just quickly scanning over brochures or advertisement that someone had taken the time to...
  14. slywilliez

    Tecumseh Gas Tank thread specs

    I would like to know if anyone knows what the Tecumseh gas tank thread specs. I and in the middle of reproducing some CAT HPE gas caps but my machinist needs to know the gas tank thread specs. THanks for you help.
  15. T

    How do I move a thread to the proper forum?

    Me Bad:hammer:. I placed a question thread in the project log forum and need to move it to the general minibike forum. I've searched all over and havn't been able to figure it out, or if it's possible. Thank You.
  16. J

    Helmet Thread (Pics & Info, what do you roll with ? )

    Wondering what you all prefer to use when riding , Do you use a motorcycle helmet , atv , motorcross style ect. or no helmet at all ? Pics also if you have them .
  17. Newoldstock

    Scaring the wife thread

    So what is your fav prank to really put the fear of god into the girl.
  18. YOOP

    looking for the "backyard visitors" thread

    been looking for the thread with the animals in peoples backyards.searched and came up with nuttin'.

    offical DRAMA thread

    this thread is a OldMiniBikes community service if you are mad and need a place to stamp your feet and be generally negative post it here so the rest of the community can ignore you :laugh: . I will start off I ordered an international harvester golden slush syncro a month ago from and...
  20. YOOP

    "before and after"picture thread

    I was looking for the "before and after" picture thread. did a search and still can't find it anyone help?