1. cheezy1

    Voting ends tomorrow

    42,866 members on here. Let's all vote and support all the hard work these guys/gals put into their builds. If it was easy..everyone would do it. Take the time and vote...Thanks
  2. pomfish

    Warm weather coming to the Northeast tomorrow! Get out your bikes

    Supposed to be over 60 degrees Sat and Sun. Time to get out as many minibikes as you can and start them and ride them, mid winter cleansing if you will. Only problem for me is the field that I usually ride in is pure mud, so will have to resort to the yard and the road when traffic is light...
  3. foxtrac

    What is it ? Pick up tomorrow

  4. jeep4me

    Muscle Bicycle....??

    I spotted this vintage bicycle at a garage sale on my way home from work today. I'm waiting on an answer as to whether or not their mom wants to sell it. Hopefully they'll call me tomorrow. Looks like it's been used solely as an exercise bike it's entire life.
  5. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Hearhkit, anyone?

    Found this on craigslist: Minibike frame vintage heathkit The price is $30.00. I'd go get it, but I'd be in divorce court tomorrow. Lynchburg is in the center of Virginia--and is a long way from any where.
  6. jeep4me

    Minibike Fever

    Spring time is here.... kinda. And I'm getting the itch to start gathering more minibikes. I talked to a guy that I work with and he wants to make a trade with me for my Manco Trike. He has a 13 year old boy, who's tired of his old minibikes. And wants something different. Going over to...
  7. flpmurphy

    what is it

    Suppose to pick this up tomorrow.
  8. bikerboybenny8

    Speedway Shrike

    Does anyone know if these can be ran without a belt pulley system coming off of the engine?? picking up this model tomorrow and need some insight... thanks!!
  9. byron ness

    tomorrow is Veterans Day

    With all the negatives on here lately, I was thinking about something much more uplifting and worthwhile. Tomorrow being Veterans Day, I hope we all reflect on what so many men and women have given to us. There are so many times I have thought about the freedoms we have, and yet I seem to forget...
  10. gumpit

    Thompson today and tomorrow Lake Compounce

    Did anyone else go to Thompson today? I saw Peekster there. Or is anyone going tomorrow to Thompson or Lake Compounce? I have to start my next home remodel project tomorrow so I wont make it. But I do have a potential appointment to go look at a couple of Mini Bajas. I did buy another one...

    Found another bike, Picking up tomorrow

    What kind of bike is this? Person selling has no idea?
  12. markus

    Florida flywheelers starts tomorrow

    Anyone going? Nov 7th-10th starts tomorrow! Not sure what day I am going, either tomorrow or Thursday probably. Hope to catch some deals. Probably gonna use the werstern flyer to ride around out there, strap a for sale sign on it. hopefully either walk out of there with a pocket full of cash...
  13. buckeye

    Pickin up a Cat tomorrow

    Made a deal I can't refuse!!
  14. C

    Picking up 3 bikes tomorrow

    Picking up a Sears Roper, a Fantic Broncco, and a Rupp scrambler. Grand total? $250. And the Sears tank is CLEAN! Good thing my mom isn't home :lol:
  15. rpm

    Perris Race for tomorrow - CANCELLED due to weather

    The Perris Dirt Track Race has been cancelled due to the rain. It has been rescheduled for March 12th.
  16. rpm

    Perris Race for tomorrow - CANCELLED due to weather

    Perris Race scheduled for November 20th has been cancelled due to weather Please Note: The race has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 11th.
  17. S

    Buying a DB tomorrow for $100

    I could'nt resist, it looks decent and I'm picking it up at 10am tomorrow. It runs but that is of no concern, I want a kid friendly rider so I'm putting an old 3hp with a 90s carb and tank. The 3hp runs fantastic with the newer carb and it's kind of a rat engine so it'll be perfect for a bolt on...
  18. S

    Picking these Bad Boys Tomorrow

    I know the red one is a rupp but hoping the blue one is a taco! $25 each! Also getting a bonanza chopper for$150! Someone please tell me if the blue one is a taco! I have to drive about an hour to get them in the morning! Dropping the crew off at the jobsite tomorrow and heading that way! So...
  19. Z

    Going to look at the Mother Lode tomorrow

    Hi all, Had a customer come into my shop today and offer me a pile of minibikes. I'm going to look at them in the morning.....They were described as everything from frames to complete...