1. Slick Rick

    Rupp torque converter belt

    Is there a specific belt that needs to be used in conjunction with the Tc-1? I looked on ebay but there are so many different ones lol. Thanks for the help in advanced :thumbsup: This is the bike..
  2. Gabein661

    Picked Up a Bird Terra Torque Today

    Neat to have a US vintage. Really looking forward to this project. First two pics are the original ad pics, rest are just quick shots for comparison next to a Doodle Bug.
  3. astrowrench

    Torque Converter (new)

    Brand New Complete Torque Converter with 3- Belts (2 Kevlar) 3/4" Have sprockets for #35 & #s 40-41 chain;Complete setup ready to go unused; see Pics $165 SHIPPED!! or best offer Bristol Ct.06010 Also have full size 1" alum. 6061T-6 Plate Incl. to raise engine on certain apps...
  4. B

    Bird Terra Torque

    Need Ideas of where to start. I have complete rolling chassis, needs work.
  5. wb4rt

    Is a torque converter the answer?

    I keep having trouble with my scratch built mini bike throwing the chain. It usually only happens when I give it full acceleration. I have done all the usual - aligning, tightening, etc. It will stay on fine as long as I just start slow and go about half throttle. I bought an idler pulley...
  6. C

    Torque Converter skipping/jerking

    My belt drive torque converter recently started jerking when you throttle from a stand still. At speed it is fine as well as when the rear is off the ground when throttling. But add a rider and throttle from a stop and it bucks pretty good. Suggestions are most welcome.
  7. J

    Looking for a tav/ torque convertor

    Looking for a torque converter let me know what you have
  8. J

    What torque converter is this?

    Does any one what bike this is off of. I have taken it out to redo the bearings. Does anyone know we're I can get a decent used one?
  9. 1967 Tempest

    jackshaft or Torque Converter Braking systems?

    So on my Trail Blazer, I have a home made scrub brake and the Allied Leisure band brake. All is good with them. But I want to either go to a TAV or a Jack Shaft set-up because of my weight and the tire size being close to 16". The scrub brake is fine, but I would like an additional brake...
  10. capguncowboy

    Torque Converter question

    These are kind of new to me. I figured out the TAV30 I had on my Bird Romper, and then traded the Romper for an MTD/Columbia mini. It's slipping and I thought I'd take a look at it. It's entirely a different design. I'm not even sure it's a Comet. I think part of the problem (maybe all of...
  11. thejoker

    Robertson torque tubes

    Kart Pipes - Mini Bikes dose any one use these.
  12. S

    Coleman ct200! Torque converter

    Which torque converter is easiest to install with the least amount of modification? Also least expensive.
  13. J

    Torque converters???

    What series of torque converter would be best on a 5hp trike? I have a centrifical belt clutch now and it's not cutting it and I don't want to break the bank! I have 2 trikes ,one Vito a 3.5 with torque converter and the other with 5 and centrifical and the smaller one smokes the larger one?
  14. T

    Max Torque Re-Build ???

    Rebuilding an old max torque clutch. It had lots of rust, which I wire wheeled off. The bushings seem to be good, no slop. What can I, should I, paint, grease, or any other recomendations for this clutch. Thank You!!!!
  15. T

    K&S Hornet Torque Converter Cover Bracket

    I am looking for the bracket that holds the Torque converter cover. This part bolts to the engine with two bolts.
  16. 1967 Tempest

    Explain the benefits of a torque converter.

    I am going to be building a Trail Blazer this summer. I have a 212 Pred that I am going to use. It is currently on my ARCO with a 41 chain and clutch. I was looking at the Torque converter option. I know how it works on a car, but is the juice worth the squeeze on a minibike?:shrug...
  17. A

    Big Block Torque Converter ???

    Hey guys, I'm hoping some of you have experience with 40 series TC's. I know they're good and strong but are they enough for a high revving(5500 or 6000rpm) modified big block? A buddy got me thinking about a project, but it'd be one that requires ALOT of Torque, yet still be no fun without...
  18. S

    Chain comes off with high torque

    My sprockets are aligned properly. I checked the wheel sprocket for bowing. I've tensioned the chain as much as I can comfortably. When I throttle up, the chain starts to get slack on the underside of the sprockets. I would expect this from flex in the jackshaft. Any time I really dig into the...
  19. capguncowboy

    5/8" #35 Max Torque clutch

    Looks to be in good condition -- not sure if it was ever used. It spins freely, bind. Has surface rust from being in a lawn shed, but shoes appear to be in good condition. It came in a lot of parts I bought a few weeks ago and I won't use it 5/8" bore 11t #35 sprocket Keyed (but key not...