1. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb200

    I have a trailmaster mb200 I posted something on here earlier got one response so I'm going to put everything on this response my bike hesitates and it seems to make a whistling sound and it hesitates like lacks power I noticed that the chain is loose so I know that's one possibility but the...
  2. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb 200

    My trailmaster mb200 jerks sometimes what could it be or sound like thanks
  3. Jblack0884

    Trail Master MB200 leaking oil

    I have a trailmaster MB200 leaking oil cannot figure out where it is coming from or what it is don't know if it's run off from when I change the oil or what? But I swap the engine with a predator 212 and I park my bike and come out always will be like a drip of oil wondering what it might be any...
  4. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster MB200 spacer issue

    I recently changed my tire now that I got my new tire on I'm having problems getting the spacer back on took my chain cover off but I cannot figure out how to get the wheel spacer the sprocket side on it's a tight fit anyone help me or give me a better idea?
  5. Jblack0884

    Looking for a Jiang dong motor

    If you anyone has a Jiang dong motor from the trailmaster mb 200 I'm interested in buying thank you
  6. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb 200

    I was changing my coil went as planned went to tighten the housing which takes 4 size 10 mm bolts one of them fell I looked all over for the bolt couldn't find it so went to hardware store to replace bolt long story short started up sparks started flying out of the side so I immediately shut off...
  7. Jblack0884

    TrailMaster MB200-2

    Got a new bike it's been rode maybe a total maybe 8 or 9 hours now after riding it for maybe a few hours it will die while riding just out of nowhere it will turn off I'll hit the choke acts like it wants to go turn the choke down off hit the throttle it dies out again this issue is frustrating...
  8. BWX

    Trailmaster MB200-2 Forks (shock)

    Does anyone know if they (fork shocks) have oil? They feel like it, but have not taken them apart yet.
  9. MB200-2


  10. MB200-2


  11. A

    Sorta new MB200 owner

    I've actually had the mini for a year, it's the older "Trailmaster Monster Dog II". Basically it's an MB200 with the front and rear shocks and a torque converter. Anyway, mods so far include: 1. Pleated air filter. 2. New header and muffler, and dig the repurposed muffler guard I took off the...
  12. Tom S.

    Trailmaster by S.M.S. Products

    Longtime OMBer Steven Durham took a fall recently. He broke his shoulder and now he's going to be in rehab for awhile. Because of this, Steve decided to get rid of the Trailmaster mini that he bought shortly before he was injured. He offered it to me and I picked it up yesterday. Thanks, Steve...
  13. O

    Hodaka powered mini bike

    I am looking for Hodaka a powered mini bikes of any brand. Call me 412-277-5803 mark
  14. rollin2

    I missed out on a Mustang Trailmaster.!!!

    Was doing my nightly Craigslist search and came across a Mustang Trailmaster for 100 bucks.It was almost complete too.Seat and fender,clutch cover was missing too,but for 100 bucks. Came across the post at 11 pm,and did not want to call that late. Dagnabit. It was in West Wichita, Did one of...
  15. creia

    Trailmaster Monster Dog II- Has anybody purchased one?

    Are they any good? How do they perform? For those members who have owned one of these please share your experiences? Michael Monster Dog Minibike Old School, Big Tires
  16. V

    Attention !!! all Fat Tire bikes, Trailmaster, Baha, Bigdog etc. WOWWWW

    Just changed the orig 38 tooth rear sprocket of my fat tire Trailamster MB200 to a 60 tooth, Using the torque converter I recently purchased, this thing will climb any hill from dead standstill. Throwing dirt and gravel. It still hits approx 35 mph on top end .Would not change a thing top or...
  17. A

    New Memeber & New Bike!

    Howdy fellas, I've been lurking on the forum for a few months now trying to get as educated as possible to finally make a purchase! Well I really wanted a mini bike to ride at the beach and at a few ranches I usually go to so my main "need" was a full suspension bike. I'd looked all over my...
  18. Trailmaster


    Trailmaster 200 MB
  19. Trailmaster


    Trailmaster 200 MB
  20. T

    trailmaster MB200

    I got my project painted and assembled. Waiting for it to dry out now (standing water). Since the motor is new, can I start in on synthetic or after the break in? Thanks