1. smudvapor

    Really cheap trike!!!

    Saw this and thought I would post it.
  2. chicodafreako

    explorer trike for sale in michigan $600

  3. R

    Baja cud trike sprocket

    45 tooth 40 chain bolt holes are 2 1/2". ID is 1 11/16 Anybody know where I can find one
  4. jaimenv

    Honda trx70 atv trike conversion.

    Got me a 1986 mostly corroded Honda trx70 atv for 15 bucks out the local scrap recycler. Wonder if any one have ever converted one of this to a trike from a 4 wheeler. The front lower frame is just gone from rust. So are the wheels. I am going to give the engine a once over and see if I get...
  5. Phil1958

    trike seat

    here is the seat karen. sorry for not getting back to you sooner. phil
  6. james ackerman

    Heald trike

    Heald trike, seems to be all there, missing rear fenders. 11 h.p. briggs electric start. Motor runs. Needs belt. $300 pick up only. Left rear tire is trash and won't hold air.
  7. Oldguard

    Another Drift Trike build......

    Howdy, every few years in between building hot rods I build a new toy and this time a Drift Trike. I had never seen one in person but had watched them on youtube and decided to give it a go. My last post was a mini bike project several years ago, and I still enjoy riding it. A link to it...
  8. UnorthodoxCreat

    Drift Trike Build

    Mods feel free to move to the more than 2 wheels section if that is more appropriate but as an active build I thought this seemed a more fitting place. After determining my Snow Bike build wasn't for me and not having any luck selling it I've decided to use parts off it to build a drift trike...
  9. D

    need a trike!!!!

    david here in denver. well, all i wanted was to buy a trike from someone that is turn key nice, but instead all i got was people off this site calling me names and acting like a bunch of kids on a playground. they must be the people who are jealous, dont have anything to sell so they berate...
  10. D

    trike wanted badly!!!

    david in denver here. i am looking for a turn-key trike. please help!!! i will pay top collector price for a cool turn-key trike. alsport, duncycle, wards rupp, etc. ,etc. i will take care of all shipping costs. please help! this is someones chance to sell their trike if you need to. cash is...
  11. D

    want a cool trike!!!!

    i am david in denver co. please help me out in buying a cool trike that is turn-key ready to ride and enjoy. i so want a trike to play with and have fun with. please call me at 303-885-4705. i will pay top dollar and will take care of all shipping. nothing for you to do except sell me a cool...
  12. james ackerman

    Wards T555 trike.

    $275 as it sits, pick up only.
  13. gammatg

    Trike ID homemade?

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  14. Aircomet

    Reverse Trike Build

    This is my current work in progress. It is a reverse trike with independent single A arm front suspension. I am using a Predator 212 with TAV2 and a 15 inch diameter lug tire for improved traction since there is only one drive wheel. It rides fairly smooth however, with no rear shocks it can...
  15. D

    trike - dune cycle?

    not the greatest picture sorry, but i need to work on my trike, mainly need to figure out how to get the lower chain off because its stretched
  16. E

    Lil Indian Trike

    Owned it since 1978 when I was a child. I recently have restored it but when I got it it did have a Lil Indian decal on the front handle bar and a tiny decal behind the back seat on the body. So I know it's not custom. Same motor, wheels and seat I added the cushion seat cover. I've searched and...
  17. R


  18. Thad

    Ed Roth trike body.

    Ed Roth trike body Ed Roth trike body
  19. ugmold

    Heald SST Super Trike

    This looks pretty cool. (not mine) Extremely rare Heald SST Super Trike-w/Forward-Neutral-Reverse shifter
  20. AboveUpNorth

    Unknown trike

    Montgomery Wards?