1. Mountain Gote 54

    Twister Tote Gote Custom Hybrid with Twister forks, New Predator 301 cc all parts included - Arizona Trade for Coleman ct200U

    Needs cables connected, minor assembly to finish. Has custom fabricated header with silencer insert, custom professional fabbed frame motor mount and structural relocation tubing, new front tire, clutches are excellent, Includes new fuel pump, lines, motor mount plates, vacuum fittings -...
  2. Single jackshaft twister

    Single jackshaft twister

    Bearkat twister single jackshaft, 12 inch wheels
  3. bear_cat_twister5


  4. 5hp twister

    5hp twister

    5 hp twister
  5. 5hp twister

    5hp twister

    5 hp twister
  6. Tod Sales upgrade

    Tod Sales upgrade

    Double jackshaft twister with 12" wheels
  7. Comet belt 203792

    Comet belt 203792

    Comet belt for salsbury 500 twister
  8. Big wheel twister

    Big wheel twister

    Twister 12" wheels single jackshaft
  9. jophisaz

    Bearcat Hot Shot Wanted

    Looking for a Hot Shot from the 1969 to 1974 era made in Arizona. 602-738-5557 . Joe
  10. T

    Bearkat Twister motor mount bushings?

    I am starting a restore project, I need to replace the rubber bushings connecting the motor plate to the frame. Does anybody know of a website or seller that carries these? I figure they must be a automotive leaf spring shackle bushing, but for what vehicle? TIA
  11. Outlaw Ace

    Bearkat Twister for sale

    Been taken completely apart and gone through, bearings either replaced or cleaned inspected and greased. Painted Argent Silver like Chevy Rally wheels. Seat recovered over original padding and base. Tires are original goodyears with the read being a bead lock setup with 4 screws through the rim...
  12. S

    Repowering a Bearkat Twister

    I have a Bearkat I'm trying to get going and I'm rebuilding the original engine but I would like to put something else on it just so I can ride it. Has anyone else put a newer engine on a Twister? Im just wondering if there is something out there newer that would bolt up and be ready with...
  13. D

    Bearcat Twister

    I have what I believe to be a bearcat twister. I was going to rebuild it and that will no longer happen. It is in pieces but complete. missing teeth on sprockets. open to any offers.
  14. G

    Well I made home it home with my second bearkat twister

    5hr round trip and 3 bills later I finally have my second bearkat twister with an 8hp Briggs and it came with an extra 8hp Briggs. It's definitely different and smaller than my first bearkat twister ( the red one) still wish I new the story about that one. Now I just need to restore these bad...
  15. 2 Twisters in their natural environment

    2 Twisters in their natural environment

    Totegotetrav and my twisters in Woodland Utah
  16. countstevula

    Bearkat Mfg. Twister

    I have always wanted a twister, and thanks to Tim Wilson for selling me one this spring. Here are pictures of it in transit: Here it is in Michigan: It's not a 100% specimen, but that's fine. Someone cut the foot rests off...
  17. S

    Bearkat Twister survivor (sort of)

    I got this off craigslist last week
  18. Tim Wilson

    bearkat twister roller

    Late 60's Twister made by bearkat in Phoenix AZ. Jackshaft not pictured but I have it. $150 + shipping.
  19. xr7gt

    Twister by Bearkat

    Well I have been lucky enough to get this today. 1968 Twister Bought from original owner's grandson. His Grandfather went to Phoenix and bought it new in 1968. Bone stock survivor. I just dusted it off. Might be the crown jewel of my collection.
  20. image2882


    Twister rebuild