Glenn Baine - GOKART CYCLE - (Vintage Class)

What tha....&^($##@^%!#*(($

JUST WOW !!!!!!:cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2:

This bike is in a class of its own ! Very Nice Glenn.:thumbsup:

thanks for all the encouragement ,,,,really not much to this one just a lot of polishing fixing a few place on the frame / need to order a Karen seat
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Now i have to come with a way to make the bars look like no one hacked on the front end. I dont want to screw up the chroma ( i think all these chroma parts came from the factory like they are) thanks ever one this is good therapy for me. I got a few things on my mind that i going to have make some descensions on this helps me think a little clearer. good to stay busy