Marc 1 Vintage Bonanza Build

What a contrast from your first pics.
Great job.
How about that paint code?
should have kept the petrified mouse and stuck him in the TP roll.:laugh:
More parts came in today!:thumbsup: Mounted the gas tank permanently with the new fuel valve , hose and clamps. Yes I took the advise and flipped the gas tank clamps.
New parts are just fun. Amazing what a few dollars can do. the new fuel valve, fuel line and fuel line clamps set me back about $7.00. Thank you OldMiniBikes !:thumbsup:
Still didn't polish em.... :hammer:


Just kiddin. Looks Awesome!

Is there a clear tube fuel rated? Most I have seen break down pretty quick...
Found another carb that I am soaking now. Should be a good one. Then I will be ready for the final video. For now the mini's will sit till the next show in about 4 weeks.