OND's - Bonanza - (Vintage Open)

You're making me look second rate, Eric....those shocks look great. Guess my next project has to go up in game...:surrender::crying::bowdown::devil2::surrender:
like the change over on the rear shock's....:thumbsup:
the shocks look great,whole bike looks great
Thanks for the kind words guys ! I started out this year with just a simple build in mind, with not a lot of chrome or modifications and its pretty much stayed that way. Now I'm glad I did the talent this year is amazing with so many great builds.
And as I said in my first post.....I'm just glad to be here.:thumbsup:
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Got to get back at it tomorrow....I hope to get the throttle hooked up and working and Install the foot peg rubbers. Probably not going to use the throttle/ dummy grips , but needed a throttle for 1'' handle bars .