Slow Poke wannabe DragBike

Hey guys thanks for all the comments I have been busy at work and lazy at home lol
I better get back on track the deadline is fast aprouching.
Today is the first day in a long time that I didnt need heat in the shop and could open up the doors and air it out spring is on the way lol
I have been thinking about paint choices and may go with yellow or orange . Have to pick up some seat cover vinyle may be able to go with some kind of two tone seat to give it some flash
I have some stainless steel scraps laying around for some bling bling too
Well I went paint shopping and decided to go with "Orange Mist " duplicolor metalic
it looks kind of like a copper, sprayed a little on the frame to get a look at it.
Picked up clear coat and header paint too.
The header paint is flat black and rated up tp 2000 degrees it is a silica based ceramic paint I will have to try it out allso.

I still have a lot of grinding and prepping to do before I can paint but its getting closer.
Having a busy day in the shop , trying to get every bracket and mount done on the frame so it can be prepped for primer/paint.
I will probably miss something and have to grind weld and do touch ups "it allways happens lol"
Decided on a different tank setup thanks to some input from my brother.
Bought the seat covering and sent it with my brother for custom embroidery stiching.

I will try and take some picts to put up later.

Rob :grind::grind::grind:
A long day in the shop , but the frame is ready for paint (I hope lol) got some paint on the forks just to see how it will look.
And I mounted the fuel tank , it is from an unknow lawnmower of some sort ,trimmed of the excess plastic and made up a strap/guard , fits not too bad I just don't have time to fabricate the top mounted wedge tank I wanted.

The forks all painted waiting for clear coat and looking sharp.

The frame gets paint tomorow and then wheels and engines
Thanks guys it looks even better on the frame.
The wheel color is a charcoal grey metalic.

The frame is done it took all day to grind and fill all the welds , I guess I am too fussy the closest of you guys is 1000 miles away but I would know they didn't look perfect LOL

I remembered to add my wheelie bar mounts before I painted LOL

The engines are next .
My brother and his better half run a home based custom embroidery business , so they are going to stich this on the back of my seat.
Hope Hent doesn't mind the free advertising lol.