The Official Tom Thumb and Micro Bike Thread

'59 Cad.........58 Chevy??

How many guesses do I get???
OK all my fellow OldMiniBikes members,i really messed up,i would have bet enebody,

the person closses to getting it was manchester, (mopar) someting like that,

i reay thout chrysler imperial,1n 59 - 61 ther were diff taillites,i think in 60
imperial used 2 or 3 lites,with that sade::::::::;;;;

I would like to ,in my mind the CORRECT WINNER IS
KUSTOM KART KID 59 CADDY,,i am sorry,i tryed to have a neat quze,but
screwed that up also, kkk i am sorry, wayne.
manchester, i went from page 1 to here,i see you got a minibike from
wayne,i cant beleve that,dint enebody ever warn you about him, he is a
crook! watch out, PLUS never take cash from him,make him pay by check
nobody i know will take his cash,most all make him pay by check,!


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Any of you "tom thumbers" running a set of these good years? if so can you give me a measurement and possibly a shot looking straight down at them? :shrug:

They are 2.80-2.50 x 4 but they are physically smaller than the generals of the same "size" that are on my Micro bike (this is without air of course though)

I want to attempt to install them on my FLEE, If they don't buldge too much more I may be able to clear the brake caliper. they are a bit taller than what I have for tires now which I actually would like not to mention the vintage look would be a bonus!

I need to get some tubes.
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