1. T

    Wonder what year 5HP I scored

    Went over to a neighbors house a few days ago, he's a roofer and I had a question, saw him cleaning out his garage, we chatted for a bit and I noticed an old Wards tiller in the back of his truck with other scrap, I asked about it and he said I could have it, this thing is as origional as you...
  2. markus

    5hp 2 speed lil Indian??

    Was there ever a variation on the small framed Lil Indian's with the 5hp briggs and a 2 speed? I only ever see the 600 (3hp 2 speed) or the 700 (5hp single speed) in the brochures and adds :shrug: half tempted to order the 5hp plate for mine to move it forward and stuff one in it!
  3. buddha52

    5hp Flathead Parts

    Just started clearing out my left over parts from my building days. All prices + shipping. Any questions let me know. ARC rods 6350 and 6328 w/piston Don't know piston size at this time. $25 each IC Bore Dual Bearing Block,side cover and head. STD bore and un touched ports. $50 EZ BORE...
  4. Steve Albright

    Briggs 5hp w/ generator crank question.

    I have a 5hp Briggs engine and I removed the generator to find the crank doesn't have a keyway slot and the end of the crankshaft end is tapered about an inch from the end. Is there some way I can use a sprocket with a locking collar or something so I can use the engine in a mini bike or...
  5. Mr.GhettoRig

    Briggs 5hp flatheads and misc parts

    Hey guys, need some extra space and pocket change to fuel my v8 s10 swap. '73 mildly modified briggs 5hp (Orange) kool bore, Shaved eyebrows/cleaned up ports/ solid gear crank, COMP GP9330 cam, Stock length ARC billet rod, billet lifters, ARC billet flywheel with +30 degree timing, Bored .10...
  6. H

    shaky 5hp flat head

    Hello. I got a 5 hp flat head mounted on my Cushman airborne build. Just got the throttle wire and brake working the other day and took the first test drive only to discover a terrible vibration in the handlebars at mid rpm. At idle and higher revs it's fine but the mids are not fun. The briggs...
  7. B

    5hp carb on a 3hp?

    Not familiar with Briggs , cans I use a 5hp carb and tank on a 3hp engine? Thanks
  8. Dr. Shop Teacher

    If these were only Briggs 5hp Flatheads....

    Saw this this morning--http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-Briggs-Stratton-3-5-hp-Short-Block-Cart-Mower-Motor-Piston-CrankShaft-/262435985635?hash=item3d1a6758e3:g:1nsAAOSwPc9Wu~iO
  9. B

    WTB 5hp B&S blower housing and pull start

    Just picked up a nice 5hp Briggs that was used for kart racing, I'm looking for a clutch style blower housing and pull start. Thanks
  10. B

    5hp what main jet?

    I just picked up a 5hp kart racing engine which is setup for race fuel, I just need to replace the main jet. What size would I need and are there different types. Here's a pic of the carb. Thanks.
  11. bandit 40

    Briggs 5hp large bearing side cover.

    Hit me up with a PM if you have one you wanna part with and this needs to have the 4 accessory holes thanks and Good Day :biggrin:.
  12. jeep4me

    Original Powell throttle hookup for 5hp Briggs

    I'm selling an original throttle hook up that came off the original 5hp Briggs on a Powell Challenger. Includes cable clamp, clevis and return spring. Spring may not be original equipment, but that's what was used on this motor. Can be used on most older 5hp Briggs on any bike, but it's Powell...
  13. S

    tecumseh 5hp air cleaner housing complete

    anyone have a complete air filter assembly for a HS50. send a pm :) hope someone can help! I am In Toronto
  14. H

    Crane cam for Briggs 5hp flathead

    I picked up a Crane cam for a 5hp Briggs flathead , the numbers on it are 241-2-6 , does anyone know anything about this , like what it would be compareable to in a Dyno cam ?
  15. 125ccCrazy

    5hp Briggs charging coil and flywheel

    looking to light up a 5hp for a small 3 wheeler I'm building for our Granddaughter, I thought some lights would be cool on it..
  16. 6.5hp Shinebox

    5hp Brigs

    Was wondering what length Bullet rod I need to buy to fit properly & Flywheel ....Also the carb that's on my brigs is jetted for alcohol So what would be a Stock carb that fits the 5hp? Or a good Aftermarket carb Just don't want to order the wrong stuff thanks
  17. mad mark

    5hp flathead governor bypassing?

    something is messed up with with all the crazy linkage on my briggs and after reading a few things was wondering if my engine will really grenade if i just bypass the governor? seems like some people said they left it on and just had linkage going straight to the carb and no problems. others...
  18. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

  19. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    Serial Number 1025 = 1963
  20. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025