1. 6doggie3

    5HP Briggs

    Hey guy's I picked up this motor for 50 bones at a modern go kart swap meet last week. I couldn't pass it up price with the pipe and manifold and carb but I'm not sure how to tell if it is a gas or alcohol motor? Thanks Michael
  2. 125ccCrazy

    Trade Briggs 5hp 325/330 lift cam for smaller cam

    Looking for a smaller lift cam for a build, somewhere between 250 and 290 lift...
  3. 2SlickNick

    Briggs 5hp parts

    Hey everyone, I have a Briggs 5hp I am parting out. This was on an old tiller so it saw dirt and did work. Gas well of course smells like turpentine... Model - 130202 type - 2153-02 code - 87060907 Shroud/blower housing - $20 in fair shape, dirty, but pull starter and recoil all...
  4. theredlineboss

    Tecumseh 5hp 2-Cycle

    I recently picked up a Craftsman snow blower with a 5HP Tecumseh 2-cycle. It seems to be a pretty strong engine, but I was curious if anyone has adapted one of these for a mini or a kart. From what I can tell, an earlier variant of this was used on some minibikes (as the AH817MB), but I have...
  5. R

    Air cleaner original style bolts(for 5hp Tecumseh engine)

    Hello, I'm looking for 2 small original air cleaner bolts for a 70 -72 5hp Tecumseh mini bike engine that hold on the air cleaner cover They have very small heads so the air cleaner can twist off and the bolts stay in place. I realized these are very small details parts. If anyone has some or...
  6. Knucklebuster

    5hp briggs with small flojet carb

    I would like a little help, I'm new to all this but I managed to mount a small flojet off from a Briggs 3hp and put it on a 5hp Briggs of about the same age my question to yall is can I hook the arm style governor that the old gas tank carb used up to a carb that was on a motor with a pneumatic...
  7. Not so mini bike

    Custom Briggs 5hp

    5hp Briggs with Clements billet head, crane cam, raptor tank and carb, custom header. This engine is a little dusty bits it's a good running engine. Had it on a couple bike and my trike. Can send more pics. $175 plus shipping
  8. jeep4me

    1969 5hp Briggs Gold parts

    I have a few parts off from a 1969 Gold 5hp Briggs. I have the flywheel cover, gas tank and coil/magneto. Flywheel cover w/recoil....$65 Gas tank, NO carb.....$35 Coil/magneto.....$25 Prices do not include shipping. OR..... Buy all three parts for $100 shipped. PayPal preferred...
  9. David wulf

    Intake manifold for sale , tech carb to Briggs 5hp

    For sale is a intake manifold to put a tech carb on a Briggs 5hp motor . And to help sway buyers is a custom throttle setup to make this combo work . You only need a carb and cable Clevis , not getting mine . Price 35.00 shipped
  10. Jordanminibike

    Briggs 5hp.

    Does anyone know of anyway to make a little more power with the briggs 5hp without doing all that fancy stroking and boring that i know nothing about ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. Fisher1983

    5hp chrome rings???

    Whats the deal with chrome rings for a Kool Bore 5hp? I was reading that they dont require a hone or deglazing. My 5hp has a nice bore, no ridge whatsoever at the top, but the last time I reassembled a Briggs that was this clean it smoked like a stack. Since the bore and piston are in great...
  12. pomfish

    Trail Sport 5hp with Tav For Sale

    Here we have a powerful little mini bike. She uses the Tecumseh 5hp Power Sport engine and is backed up with the Comet TAV. Think of a heavy duty built Miniature Baja Heat but with rigid forks. Starts easy, pulls like a Mule and stops well. Kill switch works. Just installed brand new recoil...
  13. MiniDan99

    Valve guide (exhaust) seems loose HSSK50-67394S 5hp

    I'm on a small tablet so its hard to search these things so I'm hoping someone knows off-hand. I removed this engine from my snowblower because I thought the head gasket was gone, but nope...it seems to be the absence of any valve lash (exhaust valve only)..which i think i can handle...
  14. S

    Tecumseh 5hp Engine

    Have a couple Tec motors I need to sell. Both 5hp. White one is a small frame with 3/4 inch shaft. Keyed and tapped. Picked this up NOS a couple years ago. Was a 2 stage, but I cut PTO off to accept clutch. Put a Minibike throttle on it. Has maybe 2 hours on it. Sat all winter and hesitates a...
  15. CarPlayLB

    Briggs 5HP aluminum pull starter and round shroud

    This is the old school aluminum cast pull start with the round blower housing. It has a couple dents, but otherwise in good shape. Like all old Briggs pull starters, this could use a good cleaning! $40.00 shipped lower 48 willing to trade for smoked salmon only!
  16. A

    Briggs 130212 4006-04 5hp Pulsa-Jet Diaphragm Cover Pitted

    i'm trying to get this flathead working and the diaphragm cover looks really bad. This is the first carb I've ever tried to rebuild and I can't find this cover anywhere which I think is the old style. Can some one tell me if the new style will work? The only covers I can find are the ones with...
  17. Fisher1983

    5hp factory valve guide...pressed in?

    Working on the old 5hp I noticed a ridged circle in the floor of the exhaust port...is this a pressed in valve guide? The intake doesnt have this. Im hoping its pressed in so that I can replace it myself. Its the 1 inch crank chipper engine, model 130212.
  18. R

    Difference between 5.5 and 5hp flatheads

    I picked this 5.5hp flat head today for $40..... its a good runner. I ran the numbers and it's a 1998, plain bearing block. Decal says cast iron sleeve. What is the difference between this and a normal 5hp? Is the bore and stroke the same? Camshaft? Carburetor difference perhaps?
  19. Fisher1983

    Briggs 5hp 3/4 inch bushing crank

    Looking for a plain bearing crank (3/4 inch) to fit in my 1991 model130212 5hp that currently has a 1 inch chipper crank. Anyone have a good used one for sale? This will be a stock governed engine. Thanks!
  20. Fisher1983

    5hp 1 inch crank

    I scored a free 1991 5hp model 130212 off a chipper today. The question is, are clutches available for the 1 inch cranks? Do they need a spacer up against the block since the crank is 1 inch all the way thru? Theres no tapered area for the clutch to stop. Finally, will a 3/4 crank drop in? This...