1. N

    Is this exhaust too close to the carb?

    Hi, will the exhaust being this close to the carb do anything bad? Tom
  2. patrick2260

    My Muffler is too close to my seat pan and vinyl ?????

    Hi guys. The Taylor muffler has about 1/4" clearance between it and the vinyl. I don't plan to ride it but once. As I do after every restore. Then I set it next to all my others. However, I do want to make sure it's ok. If I ever sell it. Thanks and please let me know if you think it will...
  3. Mike in Idaho

    1972 suzuki RV90 for sale 750 OBO Close to Boise ID.

    I have this great little bike, starts and runs as is. It has just been a camp bike, never been titled as far as I know, it could use a tune up and either the clutch let out or perhaps new discs but it runs and drives fine, has 6853 miles on it presently. all the hook ups are present for the...
  4. chipper

    Gas Cap

    I've come up empty so far ( not giving up ) on locating a Roper gas cap , does anyone know of an alternate cap that will work and look close to correct ? Thanks :thumbsup:
  5. apekillman

    So close you can almost taste it...........

    The thread about the guy that "let himself in" the lady's house and took pics of her sons mini bikes got me thinking about this. Does anyone have any tales of seeing or knowing of mini bike / go kart / and related things that you could see, get close to, but not grasp? When I was a...
  6. pro tc

    Moto skeeter

    It's close to me if someone want's it Moto Skeeter Canadian Mini Bike Japan 2 Stroke Motor Rupp Speedway | eBay
  7. DBMonster85

    Ruttman Spyder

    I should have done a build thread for this bike because I went through a lot to get it were it is now and it's still not done but it's getting close this is a before and after. again it's still not done but close.
  8. foxtrac

    upper midwest events

    is there any events happening in Minnesota or the upper Midwest ? any close to the twin cities ? thanks
  9. MCF2891

    Trojan Mini Bike

    I gotta get this mini bike outta my back yard. Looking to get $250 OBO. Will not ship. Any close to sacramento, california is welcome. Will provide pics upon request. Thank You!
  10. DBMonster85

    60's 3hp briggs help please

    This motor came on a ruttman spyder I bought and was pretty rough. I decided to try and bring it back to life only because I'm addicted to mini bikes now. Thanks guys!!! Lol. Anyway it's all apart and now I'm wondering can I even get parts. I was thinking of just getting new rings and a gasket...
  11. oldfatguy

    white hunt wilde foot grips

    Vintage Hunt Wilde Bicycle Lawn Mower Roto Tiller Tractor Utility Grips | eBay I found these while searching for some foot grips for my Arco. They are not an exact match for the originals but will look close enough. i bought a set and there are still a few left.
  12. JohnnyTillotson

    Doesn't start with muffler on

    Finally bought a carb for this Craftsman Tecumseh HS50. I had reglued the flywheel magnets on a few months ago and set it aside till now. It started right up to my delight but when I put an S style spark arrestor on I got nothin. Even the sound of it was like it wasn't even close. What's with...
  13. T

    Tri Sport RTS 340 SL on craigslist

    Found this on craigslist, pictures are not that good but it looks like most of this trike is there. If someone is close by to this I think its not a bad price. Tri-Sport RTS 340
  14. we4amigos

    I'll pass on this one...maybe another member ? Lol

    I think this one takes the trophy for most overpriced trike...ever ! :out:Well it's real close to the Rupp Centaur for 15K last November haha Blackhawks Springer chopper trike powersport At least the Rupp you could drive:blink:
  15. Broncco1978

    Engine Mounting issues

    I recently purchased a 212 predator motor and the bike I have had pre drilled hole in the mounting plate where someone mounted a B&S. the existing holes are very close to where I need the 212 holes need to be. So close that I can't drill new ones without overlapping the old ones. I have seen...
  16. manchester1

    Advertisements/I'm gonna snap!!!!

    Now there are 3 advertisements on my forum page and a 4th keeps popping up. WTF is going on. I had to change my screen size to see the forum. Oh, and I have to wait 8 seconds to close the 4th ad. The ad cuts me off when I am typing. "Solution real" the ad says. This just started...
  17. T

    Can anyone ID this minibike?

    Hey all, I picked up this little minibike a few months ago, and im trying to ID it. Does anyone here know who made this bike? Looks close to a Rupp, but the handle bars and other things are throwing me. Thanks!
  18. gumpit

    I'm thinking of taking a roadtrip

    I think its time to take a roadtrip. I'm tired of the move from one house to another. Still need to put a bunch of stuff away but I think after Christmas I may take a trip somewhere I have never been. I am thinking Omaha Nebraska. I'm just curious who may be close to this route I may take?
  19. P

    need roper fender, nos or a close reo

    needs to be a max of 3 7/8" wide
  20. Frank Davis

    Tice Go Kart....getting close

    My Tice Go Kart is nearing completion...just finished with the that green metalflake powdercoat I installed Rears wheels (6" back, 4" front), stripped and applied new color and custom upholstery, am getting the MC101b ready (still need an exhaust, carb and chain)....I am...