1. K

    Dirt kart

    I picked up a go kart a couple weeks ago. Plan is to make it a kart for the dirt. Predator 6.5, torque converter, snow hog tires
  2. Lorena and my Dirt Bug

    Lorena and my Dirt Bug

    My gurl friend with Kitty Kat hat and mosh pit boots on
  3. S

    My Dirt Bug as it should be, modded...

    Hello Gentlemen! Now that I have gotten my craigslist find Dirt Bug running stock, it is time to build it properly. I have spent most of my free time over the past two weeks absorbing as much as I can from this forum. Lots of good stuff. I have put together a plan based on what I have...
  4. S

    My Dirt Bug as it is, stock...

    Hello Gentlemen! Short time lurker, even shorter time member here at OldMiniBikes. However, I have spent most of my free time the past two weeks searching page after page in the Doodlebug and Honda/Clone/Predator engines forums. Man, there's some good stuff in there! Anyway, I am new to...
  5. D

    Dirt Bike Thoughts?

    So I am thinking about getting a dirt bike because my friend got one and a mini bike doesn't exactly keep up with it. Nothing against mini bikes its just the two are completely different classes. So I was thinking about a Honda XR 250. Found this one and it looks pretty good but just wanted...
  6. S

    Dirt Bike Videos

    I figured i would start a thread on dirt bike videos.Maybe some of you can post some videos of your rides or just some of your favorite dirt bike videos on the web.Im a beginner but i'm trying. Here's a few of mine. My Movie - YouTube F.Gilbert State Forest in Foxborough today. -...
  7. wyody

    minibike/minicycle dirt racing

    Any one up to racing vintage minibikes and vintage minicycles in the dirt again? flat track? TT? vintage mx/tracks? in SoCal.
  8. vwfan79

    Bonanza dirt tracker

    Got this frame and fork set with a swing arm from another member and my plan is to make it my new dirt track bike. Not going to look very pretty as it won't stay that way long so no point, but will be very mechanically sound. I just placed an OldMiniBikes order for jackshaft parts, bushings, grips...
  9. B

    new dirt bug build for cheap.

    hi everyone from ubly or Saginaw can remember me for have the modded 97cc engine. well kinda put that one to the side for a while after the spark plug shot out like a bullet. well now I have a new build I got for the great price of $135 with a much bigger motor. its a Subaru engine. just got it...
  10. J

    Baja Dirt Bug 6.5Hp!

    I've got an upgraded and repainted Dirt Bug for sale. Bike was in great shape, with the original 97cc doodle engine when I found it. I stripped it and pulled the engine, repainted it black and silver with some red touches and shoe horned a Harbor Freight 6.5hp Predator engine into the frame...
  11. V

    Dirt Bug engine swap question

    Hey guys. I just picked up a dirt bug to run around the pits when I am drag racing my nitrous R1. The engine has to go. It needs power. I will be stripping the bike down completely, restoring it, extending the frame, but need to decide on power. I have been doing some research on these, and...
  12. jbrewton

    Loved the "Mini Dirt Bikes" models

  13. E

    Baja Dirt Bug parts Vancouver, BC???

    Just got a Baja Dirt Bug for my Granddaughter 9th birthday. It is used and I have taken it complete apart and clean and lubing and adjusting and painting type of thing. I asked a question about the clutch in the forum engines and modification and found a fix to make the bike run better. Seems if...
  14. M

    Baja Dirt bug mini bike won't start

    Trying to start a 5hp dirtbug mini bike. It was rode a year ago and put up for the winter. It's a pull start an just wont start. Gas is good, oil is good, spark plug is new. What can I do to help get it started. Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks!
  15. trailbronc

    dirt bike pics!

    anyone got pics of them riding there dirt bikes? il start!:thumbsup:
  16. tundrabeagle3

    What dirt bike should I get?

    I have a 05 kx 125 right now and am looking to upgrade to a bigger used bike. I rode a rmz 250 fully pinned through 5th gear and the front end never felt like it was even close to lifting up :doah:. I am 6 "2 and weigh about 240 lbs with all my riding gear. I am between a crf450 and a 250 two...
  17. D

    Dirt tire recommendations?

    I'm going to run my mini bike at the Lonestar Roundup in Austin. Its a small dirt oval. I've noticed with my 5" wheel and 410-350 tire, left turn leans will drag the sprocket. So, my question is: what do you recommend to gain more ground clearance for running on a dirt oval? Also, this...
  18. The Restore Kid

    Dirt cheap Harrison

    Ruttman.. whatever it is.. http://saginaw.craigslist.org/mcy/3524045057.html
  19. B

    How tough are doodle bugs / dirt bugs?

    Hi, I just got a dirt bug (doodle in USA) that is in good structural shape bit in need of new rubber brake pads and a good coat of paint as well as a new throttle and brake line. Which is no problem for me to do. I want a minibike that I can trial ride in the forest where it will take a...
  20. Gustavo

    Dirt Bike And Mini Bike In Farmingdale New York

    Nice Rupp Tank On The Suzuki :thumbsup: Unknown Make And Model Mini Dirt Bike For Parts/repairs | Property Room Suzuki 2 Stroke Dirt Bike | Property Room