1. vette66_00

    How about these for dirt Tires

    I got these a few months ago. Since we are racing this weekend I decided to put them on a try them out. Both tires are 15x5.0-6 the rear tire is 3/8" away from the fender bolt. I think the front tire being bigger makes the fender look better but it still needs to be lower. What do you...
  2. Mark G

    One hot Super Bronc-the Dirt Burner!!

    I just got this poor pile yesterday. Man that barn fire was hot. The 10 horse melted into a pool of aluminum. The steering neck split down the middle from the head bolt. Ironically about the only thing that survived was the name on the rear fender. This is a perfect example of why you should...
  3. lonewolf57

    Red Dirt Bug 6.5 clone project

    Been reading all the posts where OldMiniBikes members have dumped the OEM 2.8 hp motor on their Baja DB30 and dropped in the 6.5 clone mill, so I decided that I'd like to do the same. Purchased a red DB30 from Northern Tool today. I bought it at the website price (print out the $259.99 ad from their...
  4. Mr Ed

    Mini Dirt Drags Hawg Valley Biker Rally Graham, KY May 15, 2010

    Widows Sons will have the first race of the year during the annual Hawg Valley Biker Rally in Graham, KY. Public is invited we will have a Widows Sons champ and an overall champ. Race will be on the dirt drag strip used for the motorcycle drags. This is a biker rally, NO KIDS. Bring your...
  5. 1

    Dirt bike motor 4 speed doodle bug?

    So i have 2 Baja racer doodle bugs one of them works great and i want to keep stock. The other has been nothing but problems, whenever i try to run it it fouls the plug and doesn't work anymore. But so my idea was to take a dirt bike motor with a 1 down 3 up maybe 4 up trans and put it in my...
  6. mybiz

    Cheaper than dirt What's up here

    $3249.97 This is how much they are selling care packages to send to Haiti. Come on am I seeing this as cheaper than dirt company taking advantage of someone else's disaster. What I'm saying is this company trying to profit off this. $3249.97 seems bit pricey for so very few items and the cost of...
  7. Modding_out

    Harley Mini dirt bike........for the low price of.........

    $2000:doah::doah::doah: http://http://newjersey.craigslist.org/mcy/1540806012.html This is a Aermacchi 1972 AFM Harley Davidson classic made in Italy. Very low mileage only 369 miles. Call 973-300-1982 for more info
  8. D

    Dirt Oval,whats the Hot Set-up?

    Hello.Now that you guys have had a few Dirt Oval races,whats the hot bike?.There must be some bikes that are just faster around the dirt oval then others,,so what style of minis are these? Do the fastest bikes have rear suspension?,,,large or small tires/wheels?,,what kind of engine?,,,anyone...
  9. W

    dirt bug

    these are tubeless tires ,can you put tubes in them , if so ,what size tubes .:thumbsup:
  10. S

    need help with 1980 can am 250 qualifier dirt bike

    i just picked up a 1980 can am 250 qualifier dirt bike and need a couple of question awncered like on the clutch side with all the gears dose it use oil in there if so what type took the cover off today and there was no oil tto be seen just woundering if it used oil or not im pretty sure it dose...
  11. minibikeforlife

    Dirt Bug Question

    How many teeth does the stock yellow baja dirt bug's rear sprocket have? I have one but I always loose count while counting them all.:doah:
  12. R

    honda dirt bike motor on mini

    has any one ever seen a 4 stroke honda like what is on a dirt bike that has been mounted on a mini Google Image Result for http://www.governmentauctions.org/uploaded_images/minibike-777978.JPG plus this Google Image Result for...
  13. tycoonist

    Classic Indian mini dirt bike

    classic mini bike but i think its too much. way too much 50CC Classic Indian mini dirt bike
  14. 125ccCrazy

    Doodle / dirt bug front disc brake set up

    I have the parts needed to convert your DB to disc brakes on the front... I have a 6" steel wheel with flange for disc rotor, brake rotor, bearings, caliper, handle, and bracket to weld to the forks for the caliper.. You'll have to cut your factory spacers down and weld the bracket to your...
  15. miked

    rupp dirt bike rims and tires

    rupp dirt bike rims and tires for sale tires in really good shape a few minor dry cracks in front tire rims are around 12 inch total height of tires is 16 inches lots of tread sprocket nice shape 41 chain think they will clean up nice asking $100 + shipping have pics in my pictures thanks for...
  16. D

    need exuast pipe 4 my dirt bug motor!

    I have a baja dirt bug with a 2.8 hp honda clone=stock motor the exuast goes all over the rear fender if u have any pipes 4 sale or any ideas reply:weld:
  17. rev106

    SFVISBF race #6 the Dirt Oval

    Next Race: The Dirt Oval!!! When? October 5th meet at 7am and race at 8am Where? Winchell's 330 13811 Roscoe Blvd Panorama City, California 91402 The one you've been waiting for! The Dirt Oval!!!! *30 laps *Do not start your bike until it's time to race. *You...
  18. lzrider90

    Baja Dirt Bug? Comet torque-a-verter

    Hi all, I just bought a new Baja Dirt Bug from the local Canadian tire, I know its a pretty cheap machine but I only bought it for zipping around the pits at the drag races, anyways its has a no-name little 2.8 hp engine and I was wondering if anyone knows if a comet torque-a-verter will work...
  19. DB-30 Brake Picture

    DB-30 Brake Picture

    DB-30 Brake Picture - is adjusting nut missing