1. JuggernautFullThrottle.jpg


    Juggernaut at full throttle. The belt never reaches top of the driver. And compared to a stock 30 series driver it keeps approx. 1/4" lower. Result: it is not going in overdrive. The engine needs to make more rpm's to reach the same speed as with a stock driver.
  2. 20200207_153251.jpg


    Installation of "Juggernaut" super 30 series driver.
  3. 20200207_152827.jpg


    Installation of "Juggernaut" super 30 series driver.
  4. 20190608_092900.jpg


    TAV2-30 improved driver clutch design
  5. 20190602_181600 tav2_30_drivers.jpg

    20190602_181600 tav2_30_drivers.jpg

    tav2-30 driver pulley problem.
  6. 20190601_134244.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights in vibration mode.
  7. 20190601_134223.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights in fully open position.
  8. 20190601_134150.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights in idle position.
  9. 20190601_133112.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights. Signs of vibration cause?
  10. diggers

    Comet tav30 w/ 1" driver

    Brand new never used $150 obo
  11. bigevilone2

    Powell Salsbury driver and driven

    Powell clutch for sale. Needs to be cleaned up. All parts are there. NO BELT ! $115.00 Shipped PAYPAL ONLY ! Thanks for looking !
  12. blkscorpion80

    TC88 Driver 3/4"

    I'm looking for a TC88 3/4" driver. If you have one for sale, pm me. Thanks, Tim
  13. P

    T/C driver springs

    I'm using one of the knock off 30 series drivers, and would like like it to engage a little earlier. I have to feather the throttle just to take off easy and most of the time it when it engages, it's faster than I'm used to. I know that Comet offers several springs for different engagement...
  14. KMC3420

    2 Disc 6 Spring Bully 15T driver #35 Chain

    I have a 2 disc 6 spring Bully clutch I would like to part with. The drum does have some chain rash from the chain coming off but does not affect the performance. Comes with a 15T driver for #35 chain. $165 shipped.
  15. C

    FS: NOS Tecumseh H60 Engine w/Series 30 Driver

    Model 75482S-2153D, paperwork included. Series 30 GTC driven unit. Both new. $465 shipped.
  16. gammatg

    Brand new Comet 20 series driver and driven and TAV2-30

    Brand new never used in their original box TAV2-30 $150 20 series 75 bore Driver $60 Series A 5/8 bore Driven $70 Buyer pays shipping. Thanks OldMiniBikes!
  17. Old_iron

    Deepco Maximatic 1" Driver Clutch

    Hi, I need one of these (that is in working shape, does not need to be pretty) for my Mountaineer. Let me know if you have one! (PM me please, I am not getting reply notifications.)
  18. xBrent92

    I need a stiff TAV-30 Driven spring.

    Where on the interweb sells stiff springs that will fit ? Must be at least twice as stiff as the yellow spring. I'll even cut on it to shorten it if i need to. Let me know, I really like my low to mid range power.
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    V-Plex driver question

    Picked up this very nice condition V-Plex TC driver with 1'' bore the other day. Fits great, looks great but isnt there supposed to be a spring up inside where the arrow indicates? I get no resistance when I press in that half of the pulley. So if it needs one, how do I open it up...
  20. james ackerman

    Comet 30 series driver.

    I have a comet 30 series driver for a 3/4 inch shaft, I'm looking to trade it for a 30 series for a 1 inch shaft. Please help my super bronc come alive and move!!!!