1. cudaman

    Looking for correct HF 6.5 Greyhound gaskets

    I ordered a set of gaskets for a greyhound HF 6.5 (about 7 year old blue clone greyhound) and found they didn't fit both the side crankcase (see pic) and valve cover (mine has 5 bolts (set for 200cc Honda clone has 4 bolts). The set I ordered was listed as a gasket set for the 196-212 cc engine...
  2. Greyhound clone

    Greyhound clone

    Harbor Freight Greyhound clone from 2009
  3. O

    Greyhound 2.5 governor or (please help a dummy)

    Would someone please help out a newb! I'm confused as to how use the governor properly. I want to keep the governor on and use the linkage throttle stop. Do I have this set up properly? There is an awful lot of spring tension to move the governor arm back to idle when the throttle arm held...
  4. Rapidrob

    Need 6.5 HP Greyhound engine muffler ideas

    I have a 3/4" pipe thread sausage type muffler on a header attached to a Greyhound 6.5 HP engine via a 24" header. The original muffler cannot be used due to the placement of the engine and air intake. The original muffler was very quiet. I need a quiet muffler,even if I have to weld it on the...
  5. H

    Predator Throttle Kit fit Greyhound?

    Hi, I got the OldMiniBikes throttle kit from our fine host and am having trouble figuring out what goes where. The kit is the small kit, TD_KM194 for about 9$ not the 28$ kit. My motor is a Greyhound and I'm wondering if this kit is not compatible. There are no instructions with it but I looked it over...
  6. D

    Greyhound 196 backfire

    Have a greyhound 196 motor on a mini bike. It will not start. Has fire and fuel. Cleaned plug, changed gas, cleaned carb bowel. It backfires as if out of time. Won't attempt to run. Any ideas or is out of time? Appreciate any help.
  7. apekillman

    can't get this greyhound running correctly.

    i got this engine on a bike this last summer. the governor was bypassed with after market throttle linkage. I'm trying to return it to factory. i just can't get it to run right. as of now, it starts just fine with the choke on. it will idle to warm up and even rev just fine with choke on...
  8. LTP1996

    6.5 greyhound carb adjust broke off + no run

    So I dug out my Db 30 + 196cc that I hadn't ridden in a year or so, but it had sat out in the weather that whole time. I cleaned the carb as best I could, and put it back together. I could get it to run for a few seconds but it would putter out. Figured just need to adjust the carb, so I found...
  9. doodlebug6.5

    Best Oil to use

    What kind of oil should i use for the 6.5 greyhound engine. Weight and brand please, Thanks.
  10. OND

    Greyhound ( Blue ) Clone Engine Parts

    I bought this engine from a buddy thats grandson raced dirt karts, It Is a Greyhound or blue motor clone engine. I just decided to part It out, because I know theres a few guys on here looking for parts. Hard to find ARC top plate with fuel pump and lever arm. $ 15.00 plus actual shipping...
  11. J

    need help getting fenders to greyhound to ship, shakopee to Minneapolis MN

    I located some rear fenders for my manco quester, but they are all the way in minnesota! doubt ill find another set that match my tank cover so i really want to get these. the seller gave me a very reasonable price, but the shipping VIA fedex was 140 dollars! i remembered that Greyhound bus...
  12. J

    Greyhound 6.5 blue clone

    I gotta 6.5 greyhound the first clone they made for sale, comes with double barrel pipe and airfilter kit carb was ported out a little bit and it's perfectly jetted and runs great, will go 60 plus with a 14/62 gearing and 56 with a 12/62 200obo
  13. Briggster

    WTB: 6.5hp greyhound side cover

    I'm looking for a greyhound clone sidecover. It is a bit different gasket seal in the cam area. Here is a picture of what im looking for. Will give up to $30 shipped A
  14. S

    Greyhound vs Predator (same?)

    (Greyhound vs Predator) are they the same can I use the same performance parts in the Greyhound as the Predator? I got my hands on a old Greyhound engine and want to make it a project, but I only see performance parts for the Predator will they work in the Greyhound? if not what will. Thanks

    The "No B.S." Greyhound shipping test

    Shipped this Boonie Bike from CA to MI via greyhound for $83.50 - UPS wanted $235 Packed well, this thing will make it. The bad rep with greyhound from what I can see has always been either poor packing and once seen a situation where the station being sent to didn't accept packages and it...
  16. deesel

    needed! greyhound clone side cover

    I need a side cover for a post 2009 6.5 hp greyhound side cover. This is the clone that came with a 5 bolt valve cover and the side cover is slightly rounded in the cam area of the cover that came from harbor freight. One of my good running engines has cracked so I'm hoping to find a used one...
  17. D

    Throttle and gov parts for 2.5hp HF Greyhound

    Looking for these parts for the 2.5hp 79cc Greyhound (blue) from Harbor Freight Model/SKU 97964: - throttle return spring - governor spring - governor rod - throttle lever Thanks, Dave
  18. S

    6.5 Greyhound parts

    where can i buy performance parts for a 6.5 (harbor freight) greyhound motor from, flywheel, rod, cam etc. any leads would be appreciated.
  19. R

    NEW HF 6.5 HP Greyhound engines

    I have two NIB HF Greyhound 6.5 HP engines. I have opened the box of one engine and removed it and looked at it. The second engine is still sealed in the original shipping box with shipping straps. I also have two 49 state gas tanks for these engines. I am asking $100 each for the...
  20. minibikin'

    Greyhound is not the only company that can lose a bike!

    Well, as luck would have it the Huffy Hustler I bought on here has been vaporized by Fedex. They cant find it and it doesnt seem like they are even trying. The biggest problem is the seller told me they were shipping it Greyhound(which had me worried) and when I asked for the pick up info they...