1. IJG

    hydraulic press

    anyone wanna help me tweak a doodlebug frame in Va Beach?
  2. Sixpac440

    Bonanza Springs, How to press them on?

    I bought the front and rear suspension parts from OldMiniBikes. I called OldMiniBikes and asked how to press the springs on the lowers, shock and retainers. I was told by their Tech, "Power and Patience" ... so I guess he has never done it before. Any one done this before? I will take them to work...
  3. Bikerscum

    Harbor Freight 20 ton hydraulic press on sale

    On sale from $280 down to $170, use a 20% off coupon & you're at $136. Not bad :thumbsup:
  4. Newoldstock

    New to me Drill press

    Wow this is a realy bad picture lol.... But its a high speed drill press for doing prescise tiny holes.... This is for carb work lol. Freebie!
  5. Newoldstock

    Micro drill press

    Sad thing about retiring in Florida is once you get there you spend a few years doing what you like, get sick and die... This never sat well with me after my father moved there. But he liked what he was doing and did it into his 70s. Then he did retire.... And he commented to me...
  6. KustomKartKid

    Removing Press Fit Jackshaft Bearings

    News-Flash!!!! ...Getting ready to ship this Bonanza 1300 frame to Smallbore ..the jackshaft bearing were toast so I decided to take them out (save on shipping weight :laugh:) and use the opportunuty to show Kk jr. a trick or two. Of course this may be old hat for the seasoned...
  7. Scottessey

    New Skool Brake Press

    Hey Fellas, I was bending up some fixtures for a lighting company that we do work for and I thought I'd share the bending process. The videos don't show the setup involved (that would be a longer video) . But it shows automated sequence bending that is all programmable. Each bend has a value...
  8. matt2

    h/f A fame bench shop press 6 ton

    Harbor freight has an A frame bench shop press 6 ton. Has anyone got one of these? I was thinking of getting one to straighten forks and other small jobs. I read there feedback and some like it some don't. Ok so in the real world [mini bike world] will it do what I need it to do? I do not have...
  9. flpmurphy

    Dayton drill press 3z993c

    Got this dayton 3z993c drill press doesnt have table. I have no use for it cause i can't find a table for it. Do you think i could sell it this way thanks for any info.
  10. P

    press charges ?

    ok heres the deal this morning i discover some lowlife s.o.b. had dumped a whole pickup load of garbage over the hill on my property, i live in the country . so i decide to call the cops and tell the cop im going to go thru it till i find something with an address, man it was nasty and raining...
  11. mmisterbungl

    Drill Press Bang for Buck - without sacrifice

    Ok, I have rougly $300 from some left over bday cash/expense reports to throw at a "tool" for my garage. I was thinking a drill press would be good for the 'next in line' list. Can you guys make a suggestion or two on a good quality press that I will be happy with and durable enough to...
  12. B

    bench grinder and drill press ? ? ?

    i was thinking about investing in a new bench grinder and drill press. any suggestions or favorite brands ? :scooter:
  13. H

    Shop H - Press / Brake

    Anyone ever use one of these "add-on" press brakes, to a regular shop press? The specs on the 40ton seem to be pretty decent: "Brake bends .100in. aluminum up to 26in. wide. Bends steel 3/16in. thick x 22in. wide and 1/4in. x 10in. and 1/2in. x 4in.." I'd be interested in finding out how...