1. Mark G

    Spare parts: Manco Chopper

    I threw together this bike this past fall, mostly out of used and spare parts. Picked up the frame at a spring swap meet, it was just the frame, shocks and sissy bar. I later found the seat from the same seller, although he made me pay extra for it. It had overspray all over it, but I was able...
  2. nds1968

    Spare tire anyone.....?

    Looks like a Cat? Mini Bike minibike
  3. Phil1958

    H35 Head

    oh man i really screwed up. i need an H35 head. if you have a spare head or engine contact me asap!
  4. Over My Head

    looking at these for spare parts. anyone know if they will fit my old sear Big Wheel

    I have an old Sears Big Wheel and all I am looking for is parts. are there any parts on these two bikes that will work on my bike?
  5. markus

    Powerdyne (maybe???) sprocket

    One of those wear parts that you just don't see all that much, If it is a Powerdyne the price is right to have as a spare! Vintage Drive Sprocket 35 Chain 72 Tooth Mini Bike Go Kart Quarter Midget | eBay
  6. CarPlayLB

    WTB 94-SS cam for Briggs 5HP

    anyone have a spare Dyno 94-SS cam just laying around?
  7. bigrob


    I picked up an old artic cat climber as a package deal with another bike , but it is RRRough lol Not sure where or what I will end up with but a build is always fun and my brother Spencer tracks will give it a good home I have a ton of spare parts up in the bike loft just have to do some...
  8. R

    Project ghetto snowbird... Arco

    I bought this frame off craigslist only because I had enough spare parts to complete it and I needed a minibike to beat on during the winter. I would have restored it but the previous owner welded the handle bars down and removed the engine plate and put two metal bars going across. Just not...
  9. tundrabeagle3

    spare parts bike

    Hey guys I am trying to get back into mini bikes again and need a mini bike. I am currently unemployed and am looking to get back on a mini bike on the cheap. I have been looking on cl for a roller but the ones that are priced well seem to go very fast. I can get a frame for a trade but I...
  10. B

    Spare 98cc engine wanted

    I have a Lifan 98cc (97.7cc exactly, for technical purposes), side-valved (flathead) doodlebug engine that I would really like to have a spare handy for. It is a metric shaft, just a hair bigger than a 5/8 shaft, so I am looking for an exact replacement of this engine. If you have the stock carb...
  11. S

    2 Doodlebugs (Orlando Fl) Spare Parts

    We've moved into a new home and there's no way I can get away with riding my Doodlebugs in my new neighborhood. I have a ton of spare parts, a new in the box HF Clone (the old blue ones). Have not looked in my bins in a while, but pretty sure I have a few sets of clutches. different toothed...
  12. 45t

    Spare parts CAT 400XEL Slingshot

    I think we have all had a pile of extra parts sitting around from previous builds that we think we can build a bike from. Well thats what I tried to do with a lil bit of success almost having enough parts in surplus to get a roller. I picked up a 400X frame from Mark G. I had a set of wheels...
  13. S

    Some Spare Tires....

    Here is a pair of 5" Eliminators in OK shape. They do have some shallow side-wall cracking. Notice that 1 has some chain rash also. I think these were used on some Tacos.. $25/pr. +shipping.
  14. Mr.GhettoRig

    spare parts for spare change

    Ive been trying to get rid of these rods forever now... I bought too many and ended up with extras. they go to some tec engine im not sure what, part number is 32875. I have two, both are brand new and never put on an engine, one is still in plastic wrapping. comes with dippers. $20 shipped...
  15. Compnerd88

    Spare Pull Start

    Just wondering if anyone had a spare tecumseh pull start they would sell for cheap? Its for a 6hp OHV tecumseh -Logan
  16. G

    Bird spare parts mini

    Well, just finished my bird,with extra parts,gilson rear arm,wheel,and tire.5 hp. briggs,max torque clutch,all other parts were fabbed up or altered to make work.Runs good,but the scrub brake is hairy.But that have the fun.More pics in photo s under bird.Thanks
  17. G

    Spare parts mini.

    Before I start my Jeep Project,I wanted to use my spare mini bike parts that I had laying around.Here it has aluminum rims,larger tires,sissy bar pad for a seat,mini dirt bike handle bars,5hp. briggs,scrub brake ,and extra fork braces.Need to finish throttle,welding and paint,but this is what I...