1. markus

    stock cam specs listed somewhere??

    Anyone know if the stock cam specs for the small frame engines are listed/shown anywhere online or anything like that. Wanting to compare the H30-35 to the HS40/50 to see if they are the same duration and lift from the comfort of my office chair :laugh:
  2. Doc1976

    Briggs specs

    Anyone here know a link or place to get technical specs on a slightly older motor? I am working on a 1989 80212 3 horse "sport". I know most here would say junk it and get a 5 horse but I enjoy breathing new life into the less desirable sometimes. So..........about the specs? looking for tune...
  3. 125ccCrazy

    Anyone have a BB 6hp Briggs flathead disassembled? need specs on the piston rings

    If anyone has a 6hp flathead and a micrometer, if you could measure the width of each ring I need to compare them to a H70 Tec rings...I can't find any .010 h70 rings and it looks as though the Briggs has the same bore 2 3/4" which the rings can still be found... There are a few parts that cross...
  4. H

    Trailsport Buffalo specs

    I'm trying to find out if the Trailsport Buffalo TS-600 (6hp) and TS-500 (5hp) are built on the same frame. From pictures I've found, the forks look different, but the frames might be the same. Anyone know?...or happen to have both sitting around for comparison? :laugh: Also, anyone know...
  5. Biffmini

    5hp 132020 were to find turque specs?

    Hoping someone can help??
  6. S

    5hp briggs crankshaft journal specs

    5hp briggs crankshaft journal specs, does anyone know the stadard measurments from side to side and top to bottom?
  7. smudvapor

    Torque specs

    Does anyone happen to know the torque specs on a Saxonette engine? I am rebuilding one for a Coleman Sport Bike 2.40 and I don't have any specs.
  8. D

    Engine ID Questions and Upgrades

    I've spent days reading and researching on what motor I have I still don't know for sure. I've came to the conclusion that I should just open it up and go from there. Specs I know about Engine : on a Baja warrior mb200 minibike. Dealer said its a rato r200 which indeed it is stamped...
  9. capguncowboy

    Speaker Headlight for Gilson/Wards/AllisChalmers

    These don't pop up very often, so hopefully someone that needs one will get what they've been looking for. Speaker Headlight for Gilson. Has bolts, but missing the bracket. The rubber surround is cracked and chipped (see pics), there is a small dent in the back and the chrome has small little...
  10. ShapeShifter

    Predator 212 Bolt Torque Specs?

    Anybody know where I can find torque specs for the bolt circles around the crank shaft? I will be mounting a TAV and wnat to snug it correctly.
  11. mountain38

    Tote Gote Jack Shaft Specs

    Hello I am going to try to build new jack shafts for my Tote Gote Model B/400since it doesn't look like it is easy to find a replacement. It has the pillow type bearings on it and I know I can get those at Tractor Supply. Does any one have a teeth count on the gears that came from the factory...
  12. T

    modded torque specs

    hello, i am in the middle of building a modded 212 pred, and was curious on what the torque specs are for modded engines. i read the thread about torque specs but you guys say not to use the same for a modded engine. so what i need to know is how much ft/lbs torque for the following...
  13. slywilliez

    Tecumseh Gas Tank thread specs

    I would like to know if anyone knows what the Tecumseh gas tank thread specs. I and in the middle of reproducing some CAT HPE gas caps but my machinist needs to know the gas tank thread specs. THanks for you help.
  14. frankster

    Tech Engine Specs

    Is this summary helpful for anyone, if yes I can email it to you? Note: this is a draft, I'll finish it tomorrow.
  15. J

    Some specs re Italjet mini bambino/Indian?

    Hi guys. Any idea of correct specs for front forks? Length and wheel space etc? Mine is so bent can't judge it. Any recommended replacement forks? Also, good handle bar width to fit? A bit vague but has non standard bars and forks like bananas! Also, do they really not have any...
  16. M

    Pmr adapter plate bolts torque specs

    I was tightening one of the bottom bolts on my pmr adapter plate and the bolt snapped because I tend to over tighten things now I have to see if I can new bolts from promod I was wondering is there a ft/lb torque that people torque the bolts to? Or do you just not over torque? Any info thank you
  17. R

    Predator Torq Specs

    Does any one have the Factory Torq Specs for the Predator 212?
  18. FirePowerMinis

    420cc specs

    Wristpin size? Compression height? Rod length? Journal diameter and width? Thanks!
  19. J

    Predator torgue specs

    Are they the same as in the sticky up top? http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/honda-clone-predator-engines/27784-honda-clone-5-5-6-5-hp-bolt-size-torque-specs.html I just ordered a billet rod from NR Racing and just doing a little home work berfore I start my build.
  20. Bikerscum

    Lil Indian brake return spring specs

    I see that Allied Leisure has Lil Indian brake return springs back on ebay. But, the pic & the specs don't add up. The pic.... The specs... 3 1/8" overall length 1 1/2" coil length 1/16" wire 7/16 coil diameter If you count the number of coils in the pic, multiply by...