1. Z

    Open up internal front springs?

    Is there a way to replace a broken spring inside an internal spring fork? Previous owner just bolted the upper and lower forks together disabling them.
  2. james ackerman

    Sebac 12 coil springs

    Looking for a nice set of coil springs for Sebac 12 shocks.
  3. james ackerman

    Sebac 12 coil springs

    Looking for a nice set of coil springs for a set of Sebac 12 inch shocks.
  4. L

    Performance package, exhaust, rejet, fly key, choke hold bracket, springs, stack+++++

    air filter + choke + choke hold bracket + velocity stack + hardware = 35$ shipped exhaust +hardware = 35$ shipped rejet kit + flywheel key + 18lb springs = 20$ shipped all parts new never used if you want to buy them all at once, I can do a discounted price, thanks. host image...
  5. Peekster

    Bonanza lower forks and springs

    Pair of lower forks and springs $50 plus shipping
  6. Not so mini bike

    Nos cat fork springs

    These are what I believe are cat fork springs. They are 2" long and 1-1/8" wide. $25 shipped each. I have 2
  7. ludicrous speed

    need a single Shock Spring OR a set of springs.

    on phase 2 of the mockup build for my kiddos bike. its a mutt,please dont hate too much,it was rough when we got it. am in need of 2 springs to replace the front springs,as these are shot. have one shock,seems to be from a go cart? need one more. as im gonna have to take apart the shock...
  8. Not so mini bike

    TC springs

    I want the use a 20 series torque converter on a Rupp. I'm gonna use a predator engine on it. What's springs should I get. Thinking of just keeping it stock but might remove the governor.
  9. yalipito

    Valve springs

    I have a WF engine with an ANMod01 cam with 1.3 rockers, shaved head, oversized valves with green stripe springs. I believe that the valves are floating at around 7k because it starts blowing fire out of the exhaust and spitting out of the carb. The lash is not too tight. What springs should I...
  10. Biffmini

    New Chrome Fork Springs

    New Chrome Fork Springs / unknown app. 5 1/2" length 1 3/4" OD 1 1/4" ID I have two sets, $20.00 each set shipped.
  11. blizzane

    Sears roper fork springs.

    Hey everyone, looking for what size those front fork springs on a roper should be and where can i get a set.
  12. Rupp dart springs

    Rupp dart springs

    Rupp dart springs
  13. K

    wtb - rupp continental top fork plug and spring

    Hi I have a rupp continental special that I need another top fork tube plug and spring. just like picture but I only have one ! anyone have one, or any ideas on what I can do. it's the only part I need !! thank you
  14. Txpete

    Montgomery wards 424 fork springs

    Any way to take off/apart the front forks on a 1960s Montgomery wards 424 to replace the springs ... Without cutting the welds. Novice restorer here lol. Thanks for all your help. Pete
  15. J

    18 lb springs for predator

    Im having trouble getting on the 18 lb springs on my predator 212cc because the two small retainers that are necessary to put on the springs is two small to do by hand. Is there need for a valve spring compressor tool? Or is there any trick to getting them on? if so where can i get one? Thanks...
  16. bigevilone2

    Trailhorse INTERNAL fork springs

    OK all you Trail Horse hoarders, (you know who you are) ! I need a set of internal fork springs for a Trail Horse. Please let me know what you got. Thanks
  17. CarPlayLB

    Taco springs new chrome

    Put some spring in your Taco with some brand new, chrome plated springs! These were bought recently and never used. Looking for $18.00 shipped to you (lower 48 only) PM me if interested
  18. Mr.fuss

    Cat Eliminator springs

    ISO Cat eliminator fork springs with upper cups, and rear shocks I can get them chromed if they are roached. Also need a switch plate forEliminator (large) and for 350ss (small) , clutch covers for both bikes, and seats for both bikes. Thanks for looking.
  19. markus

    Tecumseh throttle torsion springs #32923

    I recently bought a bag of these as I am going through and replacing all the worn and broken springs on my throttles. have I guess 3 to spare $5 each shipped if your in need of one where they go an what they are used for:
  20. Ajf

    Bonanza chopper sissy bar springs

    I need a set of the rear suspension springs for the sissy bar. thanks in advance.