1. T

    Predator hemi valve springs ?

    I'm upgrading my harbor freight predator hemi . I am not clear on which valve springs I should be using ? Does anybody have a part number off of the OldMiniBikes website ? Some of the ones I have seen said non-hemi . On my original predator build up our used 18lb valve springs, somebody said I need 26...
  2. B

    Upgrading springs

    Trying to install 26# springs, and having some difficulty compressing enough to get the retainers in. Any suggestions?
  3. Midyrman

    Bonanza Copper- how do I disassemble the rear sissy bar and springs?

    I can see how the springs fit into the bottom cup of the sissy bar and the top cup of the lower section that attaches to the frame. The cups are notched. To dissemble it looks like you have to twist the bottom piece to basically unscrew it. Is that how it works? Any tricks, secrets or...
  4. birdmanx3

    help with rusty 12" shock springs

    On my 4th bird build now.... I was hoping to get some help with derusting the shocks(springs)? Can these 12"s be broke down so i can soak the springs? Yes 4th bird... I can't help myself, i see those little ape hangers and i have to bring it home.
  5. cpu77

    Who has the Black Mamba Jr Cam & 26LB Springs for HEMI In Stock?

    I can't seem to find the lack Mamba Jr Cam & 26LB springs in stock for the Hemi motor. Any idea where I might find one?
  6. N-gin

    Clone 196 cam and springs

    I have a Baja Warrior with a 196 clone. I was just going to repair the engine and slam it in the frame of this bike, but with how easy and cheap it is I somehow ended up with a shaved head, .036 jet(stock emulsion tube), aftermarket air filter, Modified rocker cover with PCV valve and breather...
  7. bikebudy

    New clutch, bad springs ?

    Hello, So I have a new clutch but, it don't matter how low I set idle, it wants to grab. Turned it down so low the engine wants to quit and stall. I just don't get it ??? Where do I find heavier springs?
  8. I

    taco lower fork springs

    2 taco lower leg springs. used patina shape ... i can send pics to a cell if necessary i am too lazy to upload pics. so pm me your cell number if you want pics. or bug me.. for them :thumbsup: just the springs 40 shipped ....... let me know if you are interested and i can work with you if you...
  9. PhilosoRaptor

    Raptor 2 Build, second time around

    Hello everyone, Last time I built up my Raptor 2 I didn’t make any sort of thread or mention of it until it was long since complete and running, see the long overdue mention here http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/more-than-two-wheels-/113893-homemade-kart-belated-intro.html#post954602 The...
  10. D

    GX200 clone valve train help

    I have a carroll stream 6.5 hp clone running: 22mm mikuni carb straight pipe billet connecting rod +.020 flat top piston racing spark plug torque converter Now I need to decide on a valve train that will give me lots of low - end torque for climbing up hills but will allow me to have a...
  11. C

    Roper fork springs

    Looking for a pair of fork springs off a Roper, would like ones with good chrome.
  12. hotrodricky

    Bonanza 1300 fork springs

    Looking for a set of Bonanza fork springs.
  13. doodlebug6.5

    Blue Clone Cam box stock 2

    Is this cam able to be used with stock springs, rods, and flywheel?
  14. V

    Intek 206cc 6.5

    From stock to mild, is it the same steps as a clone? Remove gov Billet rod, flywheel, and valve springs? Of course a carb and exhaust mod are standard I know.
  15. braaaaap

    Is this a Taco?

    Looks like a Taco frame. Handle bars are throwing me off though. Guy has the forks chopped off below the springs as well.
  16. capguncowboy

    1970 Rupp Roadster front springs

    1970 Rupp Roadster front springs. Chrome is good on most of the surface, but rusted on one side. One spring is better than the other, but they look much worse in the pictures than they actually are. I was going to turn the rust inwards and use them anyway, but I found some NOS replacements...
  17. D

    Springs: Hemi vs. non-hemi

    How do I tell what springs I have ? Measurements? if I order 22lb springs can I use stock everything else? all I've done so far is air,exhaust, re-jet, timing key. if other parts are needed will 18lb allow stock parts ? I have a non-hemi with some hemi internals so determining...
  18. DBMonster85

    figure this one out?? Ruttman

    So I picked up this ruttman today. Has strait bar foot peg and the forks are crazy. They are like a built in shock??? But no springs. Does anyone know what bike this is. It looks super early. There's no stamp no kickstand and no marks from a kickstand. I'm lost.
  19. trinik7597

    bonanza break springs

    hey OldMiniBikes looking for a set of bonanza break springs if someone has a new set or can direct me in the right direction i would appreciate it :thumbsup:
  20. DuffyMechanics

    Predator 212 Feels like it has too much compression

    I was just reading a post like this but it was a little different. So I put on my air filter, adapter, breather, new header and 18 lb springs, after tightening the rocker arms, I broke one and bent the rods. So I put the stock springs back in and rockers and rods from another honda clone. But...