1. Twid

    Tom Thumb
  2. B

    Ride over in the thumb

    We heard about a big ride later in the year over in the thumb I guess it at an old race track does any body have any information about it
  3. M

    Giant Minibike from the Thumb area of MI. Who owns it and what is it?

    I saw this at a swap meet at the Washtenaw County Fair Grounds near Ann Arbor, MI this spring. The owner is from the Thumb area of MI. Can anyone tell me what it is and do you know the owner? Please have him call me at 248-890-7226. Paul
  4. Tom thumb mini bike

    Tom thumb mini bike

    Tom thumb Windber
  5. W

    2wd Tom Thumb Rokon?

    Hi everyone, been a while since I posted anything...... bought a house, moved, etc. Anyway I have been enjoying the heck out of my 2wd fat tire bike, so much so that I still have not found time to "finish" it. And now I have this hair brained idea to build a tiny version of it. First things...
  6. Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb
  7. Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb
  8. Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb
  9. D

    Wtb tom thumb or scat cat

    Complete text 512 740 2197
  10. boatguy

    Tom Thumb Frame or 90s Gas Powered Flea WANTED

    Anyone have a Tom Thumb frame or a 90s gas powered Flea they want to part with? Need for another project.
  11. Bignate123

    Thumb throttle

    Is it possible to hookup a thumb throttle instead of a twist throttle
  12. gumpit

    Wanted 1" thumb throttle

    Looking for a 1" thumb throttle like the one pictured.
  13. Neck

    Wanted: Two Tom Thumb style Minibikes

    Looking to purchase, two Tom Thumb style Minibikes of the same variety, or not. Shoot me some pictures please. Thank you!

    F.S. N.O.S Good Year Diamond Tread Tom Thumb Tires 2.80 x 2.50 x 4

    For Sale: One Pair of Mint! ,Hard to find N.O.S from the late 60's to 70's Good Year 2.80 x 2.50 x 4 tires,fit 4 inch rims.These are all weather,made in the U.S.A rare 4 ply version. These were used on minibikes including pictured on the Tom Thumb popular Mechanics minibike project plans and are...
  15. JohnnyTillotson

    Points: Is there a general rule of thumb when to change?

    When looking at the points of an old engine I've picked I sometimes see what looks like a little "cap" on the contacts of the points. To me this looks as it should look. Maybe more of it should be htere but it's still there. Is the general rule to change them when it's all worn away? Below...
  16. tom_thumb_twins1


    Tom Thumb twins

    For Sale Good Year Tom Thumb Tires NOS

    For Sale we has 2 NOS Correct Tom Thumb Good Year Tires 2.80 2.50 4 .These are 4ply and in Mint,never mounted condition If you want to do a Tom Thumb build as correctly as possible,this is the Correct TIRE! $90.00 plus $10.00 shipping Paypal.
  18. deejaaa

    saw kickback vs thumb

    the saw won this round! there is a bone fracture too.
  19. Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb mini bike

    Tom Thumb
  20. hemigremmy

    Thumb throttle

    Looking for a cable style thumb throttle off of like a 4 wheeler, let me know what you have and price. Thanks in advance!