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  1. T

    Vintage Jc Penny’s El Tigre Minibike

    Vintage Jc Penny’s El Tigre Minibike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Jc-Penny-s-El-Tigre-Minibike/193040145789?
  2. Lawnboy

    Foremost el Tigre

    Hi, I have up for sale a Foremost el Tigre mini bike, it starts right up and runs strong, no issues with the motor (not even a rod knock!) it probably will need a new clutch, because the one on it takes a while to grab, but it does drive. If you are interested or have any questions pm me, and...
  3. Lawnboy

    JC Penny EL Tigre roller

    Up for sale I have a Formost El Tigre roller without the engine (I was to lazy to take the motor out for the pictures) I would like to get around $100 for it, but I will take offers. I'll also include a silver hs40 Tecumseh that needs a carb cleaning (it will sometimes run on full choke) for an...
  4. D

    JC Penney El Tigre

    Hello.....I am new to the mini bike community. I am looking for a front wheel, front fender and complete fork assembly for a JC Penney El Tigre project. Condition does not have to be great and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.....
  5. Oldschoolcool

    El Tigre spring cup source?

    I am currently rebuilding the front forks on my El Tigre minibike. Does anyone know where I can find the correct size spring cups that the chromed spring sits in? Thanks, Denny
  6. Oldschoolcool

    El Tigre kick stand and front forks wanted

    I am looking for a kick stand and possibly front spring shock forks for the El Tigre I just picked up. Also, a rubber brake pedal cover if you have one. Thanks!
  7. 1

    WTB...JC Penney El Tigre Parts

    Need chain/clutch guard,rear shocks and a few other misc parts etc. Please pm me with what all parts you may have for this bike including your asking price. Thanks!
  8. El Tigre seats

    El Tigre seats

    El Tigre seats
  9. cattailhaas

    El tigre forks and bars?

    Looking for a set of forks and bars for a El tigre by bird manufacturing. They are the ones that have the springs just under the bottom triple tree bracket. They can be rusty or bent as I can reproduce them if I have to....
  10. Maverick/ El Tigre

    Maverick/ El Tigre

  11. JohnnyTillotson

    El Tigre Rear Wheel wanted

    I bought one months ago and finally got around to installing and see if a little bit too wide. Like 1/4 inch. Maybe there was more than one model through the years with slightly different dinensions?
  12. M

    newbie says hello and pic of el tigre

    I've been lurking long enough and just thought I'd say hello. Picked up an old el tigre frame; am putting on the 5hp Tecumseh from my Toro snow blower. There is chrome under 2+ layers of paint, but after a bit of work removing the paint, it seems the old chrome is too pitted and dull to...
  13. tippycanoenm

    el tigre wheels

    wheels off el tigre......pm for more pics......tires will be removed......40.00 plus shipping..paypal please
  14. Dr. Shop Teacher

    El Tigre Rear Wheel and Sprocket

    Need a complete 5" El Tigre rear wheel and sprocket. A kick stand will be a plus! Will consider 5" aluminum alternatives (a matched set) Thanks!
  15. Dr. Shop Teacher

    El Tigre: Made by American or Bird?

    Picked up the El Tigre yesterday and did a very quick strip to see how the chrome was (ain't bad at all). Been looking at photos and mine has very little rake in the neck as opposed to the one Cheezy posted. No front end damage at all on my bike. Karl's bike is similar to mine. So, which is it...
  16. Not so mini bike

    El Tigre mx

    Sweet bike. Decent buy it now and shipping as well Vintage Mini Bike El Tigre MX Steen Manufacture We Believe | eBay
  17. JohnnyTillotson

    El Tigre but what forks are these?

    They obviously dont belong and I confirmed they are not chrome under the paint. So im going to look for the correct ones and sell these. Anyone know what they are though? Open ended axle mounts should limit it a lot, no?
  18. JohnnyTillotson

    Wanted: JC Penny El Tigre fenders.

    Says its a model 5309 if that makes any difference. If these can be bought repop anywhere i will simply accept advice too..... All the best, JT
  19. Radford46

    Need an El Tigre rear fender with brackets

    Doesn't need to be good chrome, rest of the bike is crusty. Thanks.
  20. Radford46

    El Tigre rear shock size

    What is the shock size for the El Tigre rear shock? Anyone?